The premiere of a custom HHI x Moto Guzzi motorcycle

hammarhead ace hotel moto guzzi

Clear your calendar. This is not to be missed.

If you are in or around NYC this Friday night then come out for Hammarhead IndustriesWayward Bound Launch Party and get up-close and personal at their latest epic bike build for Moto Guzzi. Take a look at the plain Jane Guzzi below and then check out what James Hammarhead and crew can do.

Jan 18, 7-10PM
Liberty Hall @ Ace Hotel, NYC
RSVP @ piaggiogroupamericas.com by Jan 16

See you there.

Hammarhed Industries motorcycle moto guzzi

Moto Guzzi sent the Hammarhead Industries crew this lil’ beauty to play with– come and see the build for yourself this Friday night at the NYC Ace Hotel… –Image by © Ashley Smalley

Here’s what James Hammarhead had to say about the personal significance of this build, and what you can expect to see Friday night…

Hammarhead V7 Wayward

Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, a well-used dirt bike was usually only a few steps away.  Trail riding was so pervasive that no clear memory marks my introduction to these machines. However, when it comes to street bikes, a single event in the summer of 1975 is seared in my mind.  Late one evening a friend of my father arrived in our driveway riding a black Moto Guzzi V7 Sport.  He had flown from England, purchased the bike in NYC and was headed west.  Armed only with a map, a small tank bag and the next day’s plan, he was beginning a three-month ride that was to become legend in our house.   I vowed to follow suit.

As I pursued the dream of the road, I steadily traded up for larger and larger adventure touring bikes.  But with each successively more modern motorcycle the experience seemed slightly diminished.  Then on a trip to Southeast Asia, I rented a beat up Honda XL 185 for a few weeks.  Traveling light with only a daypack and not much of a plan, I found myself back in the game.

When I began thinking about a Hammarhead bike that could take on the urban commute and also break free for fast and light travel, the modern take on the Moto Guzzi V7 seemed ideal.  A simple air-cooled V-twin updated with modern electronic fuel injection and niceties such as electric start.  The engine has ample power around town and really shines when paired with the sweet handling chassis and a twisty back road.  Long, low and smooth.   The trouble free shaft drive sealed the deal.

To create the V7 Wayward, we first disassembled the bike to reveal its elemental form.  The goal was to create a minimal experience that was at home on the long road.  The engine was not internally modified but benefits from free flow K&N air filters, custom exhaust and remapped EFI.  The chassis was cleared of all plastic, de-tabbed and visually lightened with careful relocation of ancillary components.  The large stock fenders were replaced with simple alloy units, sized to retain real world function. The rear sub-frame was modified to accept a narrow and lean seat.   Works Performance fork springs and rear shocks were fitted and the bike rolls on Avon Venom tires.

Up front the stock headlight and instrument cluster were replaced with a 7-inch teardrop shell that also houses a small speedometer. To achieve a relaxed yet aggressive riding position, wide mid-rise bars were fitted. Low profile but highly visible LED turn signals were used as well as HHI’s signature 2 inch round brake light.  Finally, inspired by the bags of the 1950s, we created a pair of wax cotton panniers.  The compact panniers feature an internal aluminum frame and are capable of swallowing a laptop and rain suit during the weekday hustle or the bare essentials required for a 3 day, 3 week or 3 month on the road.




  1. Theres nothing plain Jane about that Guzzi -its rather a case of not putting a princess in leather pants.

  2. Ciaooo JP; Thank you for the invitation and I wish I could go!. It was really great to meet you in Florence with Valentina.  I hope we can all get together again soon.  Take Care, a hug



  3. As to Hammerhead . Their bikes ….. are …… decent . Not bad at all . But ‘ Epic ‘ ? Not hardly my friend . Britten’s are ‘ Epic ‘ . Shinya Kimura’s bikes are ‘Epic’ . Simon Mills and Jeff Decker’s Vincent’s ( as well as Deckers Crocker ) customs … are ‘Epic’ . Roger Goldammer’s bikes are ‘ Epic ‘ Hammerhead .. like I said ….. are decent . A bit pedestrian . But ridable and decent . Calling this event a ‘ Launch Party ‘ is an exercise in Hyperbole and a celebration of the mundane I’m afraid . Better to just call it a good ‘ Party ‘ and leave it at that 😉

    • @GuitarSlinger – Jeezuz. Take a Prozac and shake the shit outta your pants. There’s livin’ to be done, and your sittin’ on the sidelines pointin’ at the passers-by criticizin’. Stop pissin’ in everyone’s cheerios and try havin’ a good time, and the good times will find you!

  4. I see that these guys have a XR-750 in there. By any chance might they know where I can get a hub for the front wheel for this ride, or maybe even the whole wheel? My current XR hub has spokes pulling through the flange and I love this setup.

  5. I will strive to be there as well – as a New Yorker who is also a rider (and former owner of a fantastic Guzzi) I would love to see this bike and mingle with some like minded people for a change.. Manhattan isn’t exactly the bastion of gearheaded grease monkeys.. but.. we’re out here.. lurking in the shadows.. ready to pounce!

    PS – GuitarSlinger, will you be there so I can say what douche you are to your face?

  6. I tried that RSVP yesterday, never got a response.. is “RSVP@piaggiogroupamericas.com” the actual email address?

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