James Hammarhead and the rad Hammarhead Industries ‘Ninety-Two’ Triumph Bonneville.  –Image by © Jon Patrick

The last time I saw James Hammarhead and crew was at the Hammarhead x Dunderdon collaboration event at the Dunderdon SoHo shop– where he put the finishing touches on the 2008 Triumph Bonneville that he Hammarhead-ed to perfection. It was time to get to Philly and check out the new Hammarhead Industries shop that is taking shape nicely in Philly’s up-and-coming Fishtown. I was shocked– you couldn’t shake a stick in Fishtown without hitting a hardhat. The amount of rehab and construction happening is really inspiring to those who love Philadelphia and have been waiting for the sleeping giant, and the birthplace of our great nation, to arise from its slumber.

Hammarhead Industries is set right in the thick of it all– snuggly nestled-in on Frankford Avenue next to Lola Bean Cafe, and Stephen Starr’s new BBQ joint is opening soon within a stone’s throw. The Hammarhead Industries new shop is exactly what you’d expect– clean as a whistle, industrial in a modern sense, and all business. The front of the space is currently being readied for a retail installation where they’ll sell set-up shop for cash-and-carry wares. The large open center is where the bike-building magic will happen, and the back-end is command central. James showed me around, and we saw a few surprises and made a new friend, Sam, who’s new to the Hammarhead crew and a helluva guy.

James Hammarhead at their new Fishtown Philadelphia shop with the ‘Ninety-Two’ Bonneville that’s about to be crated. –Image by © Jon Patrick

“It’s gonna go like hell…” James Hammarhead showing off the new Fishtown shop and a few projects. –Image by © Ashley Smalley

Hammarhead x Sailor Jerry x Ural collaboration, Solo-X — check-out the subtle branding on the tank. –Image by © Ashley Smalley

Hammarhead’s Solo-X Ural– the tough, old-school sensibilities of the Ural bike come shining through. –Image by © Jon Patrick

Moto Guzzi sent the Hammarhead Industries crew this lil’ beauty to play with– do stay tuned for more… –Image by © Ashley Smalley

James Hammarhead showing off the front of the new shop that is being readied for a retail installation. –Image by © Ashley Smalley

Where was this lil’ bad boy when I was a kid? –Image by © Ashley Smalley

So, this is how I came to meet Sam– checking out his old Harley-Davidson XR-750 tucked in the corner… –Image by © Ashley Smalley

Here’s Sam’s old Harley-Davidson XR-750 flat-tracker– turns out that our Sam is also a hardcore AMA racer. –Image by © Jon Patrick

Sam mounted the ‘Ninety-Two’ Triumph Bonneville for one final spin to make sure it was tuned to perfection… –Image by © Jon Patrick

After a few wheelies down Frankford Avenue, our Sam spots and picks-up a lil’ gal who works at the Lola Bean Cafe next door… –Image by © Ashley Smalley

And it’s back to work for Sam, as the Hammarhead ‘Ninety-Two’ gets some final prep for its new home. –Image by © Ashley Smalley

Hammarhead Industries website


    • Not really, nor Geno’s. Go to John’s Roast Pork or Tony Luke’s for a great cheesesteak, or roast pork. They’re worth the ride.

    • Forget that, come on down to John’s* Roast Pork (while you’re at it, try the pork, it is definitely worth it, although the steaks are a classic).

      I might have to see if they are hiring, this place looks awesome.


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