The Blackbird event— a collaboration between TSY, PRPS, TRIUMPH, and friend & photographer Scott Toepfer in celebration of denim & machine. The Blackbird jean was inspired by the 1953 Triumph Blackbird. Handmade of super rigid & raw 14 oz Japanese denim– these jeans are not for the faint of heart. The black hardware and Thunderbird (tail) inspired stitching on the back pocket pay homage to the iconic motorcycle. The event was held on 4/13, as only 13 pairs of the Blackbird jean were made. Why 13 pairs? As a tribute to “The Wild One” starring Marlon Brando, that was based on the epic motorcycle clubs– 13 Rebels and The Boozefighters. Anywho– it was a helluva night! Thank you to Fast Ashley’s and everyone who came out! You winners out there that have my babies– please keep me posted on how they’re wearing, and send postcards & photos to !

The Blackbird jean hangtag blown up poster-size for the event at Fast Ashley’s Studios in Brooklyn –photo by The Vintagent

The scene outside on The TSY Blackbird event at Fast Ashley’s Studios in Brooklyn – yep– lots of bikes, Triumphs, a Ducati or two and plenty of other nice rides. Donwan Harrell of PRPS even drove his 440 6-pack Road Runner! –photo by The Vintagent


The iconic bike that inspired it all– the 1953 Triumph Blackbird at Fast Ashley’s Studios in Brooklyn –photo by The Vintagent

The incredible wall of original Blackbird photography by Scott Toepfer –photo by Kyle Supley

Chuka Umanna checking out the The Selvedge Yard x PRPS Blackbird jean –photo by Matt Smith

JP (Jon Patrick of TSY) Stacie B. London (East Side Moto Babes) & Paul d’Orleans (The Vintagent–photo by Kyle Supley

Gala of Gala Darling (left) & Greaser Mike (right) with friend –photo by Matt Smith

The iconic 1953 Triumph Blackbird & new 2012 Triumph Thunderbird Storm motorcycles –photo by Kyle Supley

The incredible wall of original Blackbird photography by Scott Toepfer –photo by Kyle Supley

Stylist Shala Rothenberg, Paul d’Orleans (The Vintagent) & Stacie B. London (East Side Moto Babes–photo by Kyle Supley

The Blackbird jean hangtag blown up poster-size for the event at Fast Ashley’s Studios in Brooklyn –photo by Kyle Supley

Photographer Scott Toepfer & Ashley Smalley in front of his work –photo by Kyle Supley

The TSY x PRPS Blackbird jean display. Lots of chatter through the night along the lines of– when the f*ck do I get a chance to win these!? JP with Oscar Zabala (Relic) & Christine Cattano (Campfire, behind Oscar) –photo by Kyle Supley

Shala Rothenberg & Guillermo Zubillaga at the Blackbird Brooklyn event –photo by Kyle Supley

TSY Blackbird event attendees awaiting their chance to score a pair of jeans –photo by Kyle Supley

A happy Blackbird event attendee wins a limited edition TSY x PRPS jean –photo by Kyle Supley

Donwan Harrell & wife Jahayra of PRPS at the Blackbird Brooklyn event –photo by Matt Smith


  1. JP,
    Of all the events I wish I could have attended. Looks like y’all rocked the house with creative energy. What a synergy of art forms and flesh.
    Long May You Ride.
    Doug AKA Q-Ball

  2. Huge thank you to JP and Ashley for putting on one of the best events I’ve ever attended. This was definitely one not to be missed! And I’m not just saying that because of the sexy Thunderbird in black making eyes at me from across the room.

    “Hey baby, you sure are looking fine with that nacelle and spring hub! What’s that? You want to come home with me? You naughty little minx! Just play it cool, my 1968 T120 is right outside and she might get jealous!”

  3. What a great night! Thanks JP for your hospitality. And of course for the amazing pair of jeans. Even rocked thhe 14 ounce on my eight hour flight back to The Netherlands. Of course, I will keep you posted how they bleed…


    • Dear Bart,

      Thanks again for coming out! It was a pleasures eying you. I’m glad you like the jeans, and I’d love to hear from you, and everyone who got a pair, on how they wear-in and see pics of them in action.

      Thanks again!



  4. Wish I knew of the event….I have the 1953 blackbird formerly of the AMA museum and looking for others in the area ( east coast )……

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