Dustin Schöne is a filmmaker in Germany who sent me this short video he shot for the fashion tradeshow for cool brands– Bread & Butter Berlin. There’s a quick little shout-out from a young designer who named The Selvedge Yard as one of his favorite sites to look to for inspiration. Thank you, sir. If anyone can put a name to the face, I’d love to send him a personal thank you note.

Speaking of Bread & Butter & inspiration– I’ve had the good fortune this last year of getting to know Donwan Harrell of PRPS Denim. Donwan and I share a lot of the same loves and interests– including vintage Mopars, bikes, music, films, art, craftsmanship, etc. He’s one of those guys that you always look forward to seeing– because the conversation is filled with nostalgic stories of American style & culture back in the day, as well as what’s happening now in terms of design and denim innovation. You can’t help but be inspired around guys like him. The video below (by Highsnobiety) perfectly captures the Donwan (Black Bird) I know.


  1. The air cleaners on them Elephant motors turn me on more than the finest tits….
    Fond memories of street racing in the late 60’s early 70’s.
    Full tank of gas and the whole night to runamuck. You knew the next day you had fun last night, blown header gaskets- wax runnin’ in your ears from the noise and bruises on your back from slamming in to the back of your seat, time and time again.
    It abruptly came to an end in one night, I was captured by the law and had to enlist in the Navy to stay outta jail.
    All these years later the wheels turn just the same. Now it’s a 6.1 in a Magnum SRT-8. The grin is enhanced by the spin.
    If Donwan is into H-D strokers, Red Wing boot’s with that buckle and cold beer we would get along just fine. Sure would like to kick the tires in his garage

  2. Seriously? The guy’s selling jeans with holes in them, and likening it to jazz…..
    I know there’s a market for it and all, but it seems so strange to me to see a blue collar lifestyle reduced to gimmicks.
    My dad didn’t change the oil in his 56 Tbird with holes in his jeans. He didn’t buy them like that and he didn’t wear them like that.
    Having said that, I love Donwan’s story and his work ethic. And the garage full of cars is fantastic.

    • +1 – Thought i was the only one to see the irony with Donwan’s ‘ Story ‘ Jazz and intentionally ‘ aging ‘ Jeans ? As a Jazz musician myself , I just do not see the connection . Having said that , his car collection is …… interesting , but I’m afraid he won’t be seeing any of my hard earned being spent on his products for the moment

  3. Pretty sure the guy in the Bread and Butter video is somehow involved with Agentur Treibstoff, a distribution/sales agency that works with some great brands in Germany. His picture is all over the place on their blog..

  4. For me, this guy gets it. Real taste in amazing cars, an appreciation for the look of worn garments and their histories, an unyielding demand for the highest quality denim…I’m sold.

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