So, I stumbled across this little gem on the internets… actually my friend Aaron clued me in.  Cute. Complex Magazine has wittily and succinctly summed-up the men’s style blogger landscape. I’d say that you probably couldn’t have picked a better category than the one we fell into. Actually, we’re in pretty damn good company. Though I do pride TSY on being eclectic enough to dodge pigeonholing.

That said, yes, I would like a Schott Heritage Perfecto jacket.  I dare say it is the epitome of “badass.” Sons of Anarchy???  Trust me– never seen it.

Check, please.

“You try to put the screws on me brother– and I’ll screw right from under ya”


  1. Got the jacket…… $50 used on eBay……. never heard of the gloves, I prefer the aerostitch deer skin ropers…….. I have to many helmets already, although I would like a silver metal flake 3/4 and have been considering a Rockhard since seeing them a couple of weeks ago. I like cheap whiskey, loud bikes and sexy women of any age. Never smooth, always crude, and generally have oil on my jeans. As for the nice clothes…….. most were thrown away when I quit work…….. yeah baby !!!! Oh…… I almost forgot…….. that SOA show is really funny, in a 1960’s biker movie kind of way…….

    • Yeah, this post does suck. I don’t enjoy being spoofed when the overt intention is just to pitch a sponsor’s goods. Least they can do is give me that Schott – which I could never afford my own damn self.

  2. Motorcyclists are sociopaths who constitute a far more real and present danger to civilized society than do Islamic terrorists.

  3. $995 for for a handsome spanking new leather – or fly to Bangkok, get on the back of a amphetamine powered motorcycle taxi, clip car mirrors as you split traffic and your underpants in the moment of joy/terror, stop at Chatuchak market, go to the stall that has hundreds of vintage motorcycle leathers, put the best one in a box, air mail it back to ‘home’, have a surreal day with a monk as he explains how on friday the temple closes but the ummm lotus flower opens, fend off some charming lady boys, place head in 7-11 freezer to cool down, wink at a dutch gal, wake to the sound of tuk tuks puttering in the streets, fly back to ‘home’, open the waiting box, pop on your new leathers, flash up the bike. Trip done. About the same price. I have mine 6 years later, best article of clothing I own by far, keep the Shott, I have my cow cape already.

  4. If he spends a grand on a leather jacket, he probably needs to wear that Rockhard helmet, because he’s been hit on the noggin one too many times.

  5. What, no mention of boots!? I’d love a pair of Lewis Leathers boots, they are a thing of beauty, but can’t justify the cost,

  6. Hell, before this thread is over we’ll be spending more on clothes and farkles than what the damned bike cost.

  7. Lame article. There are as many types of motorcyclists as there are motorcycles. Some of us were riding long before it was a fashion accessory. And $995 for a Schott??? Last I checked they were about half that. For less than that, I’d have a Bates or a Langlitz thanks. Open face helmets are for those who want free plastic surgery. I’ll stick with a full face….. always wear what you want to hit the pavement in.

    • Last I knew, Langlitz were around $1200.
      And the regular Perfectos look better than that “made for Barneys” thing.

    • @ CA “Open face helmets are for those who want free plastic surgery. I’ll stick with a full face….. always wear what you want to hit the pavement in”

      Yep. Some of us old guys learned that the hard way. I remember back when we when used to ride dirtbikes on the trails of Griffith Park. Life was good on a Hodaka 100. Now strictly verboten.

      • Yep… I learned the hard way myself. Got a nice piece of metal in my face covered by an assotment of scars.

  8. Complex Magazine… seriously, style? Dockers Collaborates with Bloggers for Menswear-Themed Lookbook?!? WTF?

    @Justin: You know how to SHOP, man.

    BT,DT a long time ago… still have the handmade boots. Got too big to wear the jacket.

  9. Yesh…the writing smacks of The Poseur…that little Compl4ex Magazine blurb was typed by hands that bear no callouses, a mind that considers humans outside The Food Chain and the soul of a man raised by women(and not the pioneer stock that was my one-eyed, ham-fisted, West Texas grandma)….

    Justin has it right….

  10. Meh… overgeneralizing like that will always end up in disaster.

    In any case, I agree that you’ve kept it eclectic enough to not be pigeon-holed. Just discovered the blog and weaving my way back through old posts – awesome!

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