Sometimes the sky parts and God drops a precious gift upon you… or a rad guy like Chad turns you on to the mother lode of all California awesomeness. 1970s Venice Beach captured in all its grainy goodness — from the brilliant collection by David Scott.

Hell. Yes. Goodie combs, Op shorts, towheads & tan lines never looked so damn good.






  1. Body shapes have certainly changed in 30 years. Look at the benefits of anactive outdoor lifestyle. So cool.

  2. The 70’s rocked, how I would love to have been part of this nostalgia. They sold the US to us Brits with this scenario, California dreaming, everything as cool as you like. Sharon & Clea, where are you now?

  3. While I have no real nostalgia for the 1970s, these are great photos. Two words kept going through my mind as I scrolled through it: “youth” and “health”. It looks like it didn’t take much to make these long haired waifs happy – and that is awesome. I loved the photo of the dude with the surfboard held together with electrical tape.

    It seems funny to say, but this “So Cal” look is now more or less timeless/classic. The only way you can’t tell that they’re from today is that there’s not a cell phone or Starbucks cup to be found in any of them.

    • “It seems funny to say, but this “So Cal” look is now more or less timeless/classic.”

      Exactly! It’s classic and beautiful and stylish. The Southern California beach look, with windswept hair, a bit of a sunburn, and that casual attitude – it won’t ever really go out of style…

      Beautiful images!

  4. Wow! Moody, classic stuff. I (try to) remember it well. It’s amazing to see how fit and healthy we were before McDonalds and the internet made everyone fat and lazy.

  5. Why is it I’m fascinated with candid photos of people, love people watching, yet I never take photos of people… Fantasic collection of a true classic southern California time period…

    I just watched the documentary “Bomb It” that described the graffiti of Los Angeles and there it is in the background of almost every shot!


  6. Wow, great captures of a time that was special to us. I wonder what they all look like now?

  7. Those were the days. Carter almost legalized pot, but got scared of course. It was possible to have a great time without a cell phone believe it or not.

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  9. Man,Those photos are to cool.They scream with the sounds of Foghat,Nugent,Boston or whatever was jamming on the radio back then.I grew up in Houston during the 70’s and we were always outside running around from sun up to sundown.I also dig the Sotel writtings in the background,I hear that area has been gentrified.Which sucks thanks for sharing them!!

    • Late 60’s early 70’s it had to be Light my Fire by The Doors. My favorite at the time was Summer Time Blues by Blue Cheer.

  10. fantastic! as a kid growing up 1000 miles north of Venice I would dream of being there. Then in 4th grade the family road tripped to LA. it was epic. Still love the beach vibe!

  11. I almost expected to see myself in one of those shots! I will never forget cutting school to go to the beach on a beautiful day. Or, better yet, getting summer school credit for a beach volley ball “class.” What a time!

  12. wow!! you got a picture of a guy holding his kid in front of my place at 1205 ocean front walk though
    this was a couple of years before i moved in there in 1978. thanks so much for sharing these. i recognize some of the faces though don’t remember any of the names.

    • that man is robin and his son. they lived there too. with bean and morning their daugther. I too grew up there and stated the boardwalk everyday and night and kick it at the wall too as well as worked and the snack stand their.

  13. btw… these pix were taken after 1976 (7?) as that’s when cheap skates (1st pic) owned by the rosenberg brothers (the first roller skating shop on the boardwalk) opened. the last picture is of a kid i used to know named freebo. hard to think of him as an adult now but i guess he is.

  14. Lived in Venice Beach in 73-74. Transferred to UCLA from Boston, got a room on Clubhouse couple of streets from the beach, and never went to school. Still lots of 50s and 60s mindsets and characters on the beach back then. Great bar called Da Driftwood, now gone. So, had a blast there in my teens and then I walked down the same beach in my 50s-wierd!!!

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