For those who didn’t live in the days of her box office reign, it may be hard to imagine the huge Hollywood star and smoldering sex symbol that she truly was.  In my humble opinion, Elizabeth Taylor was never hotter than when she starred in Giant alongside James Dean.  Here’s a little reminder…

1955– A young and nubile Elizabeth Taylor on the set of “Giant”– shortly after having her 2nd child.

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  1. Hey!

    This is a great blog. I have always had close place in my heart for the style and icons of the past. Being a baby of the 80’s, many of the people/movies/etc. portrayed on this blog were no longer with us or not the same iconic figures we see here. Cheers and keep up the good work!


  2. Any boy that wasn’t smitten by her in “National Velvet”, maturing into pure lust by the time “Cleopatra” hit theaters didn’t have a pulse. For me, her intoxicating décolletage was just a distraction from those extraordinary eyes… directors knew it and gave viewers plenty of both. As an actress, her turn as Virginia Wollf was the most impressive she got on screen… the antithesis of her starlet beginnings. And unlike so many in the studio system, Elizebeth Taylor was her real name.

    Thankfully, those memories of her talent, stunning beauty and glamour supercede the near-caricature of indulgent dissipation she became.

  3. Thanks so much for helping us and re-live and relish the wonderful talent of Elizabeth Taylor… She was such an icon, great actress and beautiful Diva. Such sad news that another of her calibre and generation has left us… and she will be missed terribly…
    Time to rewatch and remember her magic during the span of her life’s work.

    Also much gratitude to you for sharing these priceless images and treasures from the past.
    Checking out your site is definitely a highlight of my day 😀
    L x

  4. Growing up in the 90s, I would always hear her being talked about, but knew nothing of her past in movies. Finally taking the time to see some pictures of her in her younger years, I get why she was talked about so much. So gorgeous!

  5. Great blog, as a lover of branding, iconic images and all things Americana I’m enjoying going over the archives.

    And I’m saddened that my son’s will never experience the smoldering sultry sexiness that only the true stars like Elizabeth could project. Not the over the top in your face style that’s so common today.

    Shame that… and my thoughts and prayers to her family. RIP

  6. Just want to start by saying your blog is fantastic, seriously cool and interesting. Very jealous of wherever you’re getting these Jimmy photos from too might I add. These photos are great, thanks for sharing.
    Recently received a 90×60 poster of James Dean on the set of Giant too. If only these photos were available.

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