Online magazine. Yuck. Please don’t ever refer to TSY as an “online magazine.”

Call it a… hell, I don’t know what you’d call it. And please don’t ever refer to me as a blogger. It makes me cringe, dunno why, but it does.  The only words that make me cringe more– ointment, moist, slacks. Use them all in a sentence in my presence–  prepare yourself for projectile vomit.

Now back to “online magazine.” It’s clearly one of the shittiest terms ever used to describe blipmagazine, in my humble opinion.  It’s the creation of Frederick Barthelme (former Editor of Mississippi Review, and Director of The Center for Writers at the University of Southern Mississippi), who invited several of his staff members to come along to create what would become– blipmagazine.

Well, what is it exactly, you’re still asking?

“It’s a renegade outfit. And we like it that way. Literary rogue nation unto ourselves.
In fact, we’re gunning for one corner of the axis of evil, according to certain American politicos.”
–Courtney Eldridge of blipmagazine

“And what is The Selvedge Yard, you ask? Well, porn, mainly. That’s right, it’s good old-fashioned porn, the way God intended, offering up a little something-something for every body. What, you got cars, bikes, motorcycles, movie stars, centerfolds, style icons, textile design, punk rock—it’s BMX one day; Jean Cocteau the next… At the crossroads of auto-erotica and Americana, The Selvedge Yard is a celebration of that greatest of American tales: the open road.”

–Courtney Eldridge, blipmagazine

I have to say, I’m truly honored to be included in such a rich, creative roundup. Thank you. Go to blipmagazine and click through the links on the right hand column under WINTER 2011 and discover gems like–

Gilliland’s son, Bill, who inherited his library, describes his father–

“W.R.G. was a ‘book’ man interested in music, primarily jazz, and the printed word in the broadest sense. At the beginning of his career, he managed the McMurray book store on Commerce Street, Dallas, Texas, later to be bought out by Doubleday. He is in the Warren Commission report and was questioned by theFBI about why he was in Jack Ruby’s phone book. I’m sure he cheerfully explained that, at the time, parts of Dallas were ‘dry’ in 1964, and he was a ‘member’ at Ruby’s club, where he could have a mixed drink after work with others as he pleased.”

Read “William R. Gilliland” here

Check out blipmagazine here


  1. I would like to say thanks to TSY for pointing me in the direction of blipmagazine, a really entertaining and informative read!
    Now to a more pressing matter. I was wondering if you knew of any bloggers, or online magazines that dealt with the problem of wearing Slacks that are too tight? I’ve gained some weight over the holiday period, as many of us have, and the weight gain has caused terrible chaffing. I’ve tried ointment, but to no avail, that just leaves me with moist slacks! I would appreciate your help in this matter.

  2. JP. thank you for the blipmagazine link. I just spent the better part of an hour tripping through some of the great writing they have compiled.

  3. TSY- is one of the very few that turn up in my mail box and gets a full read,the main problem with opening mail from from TSY is- i know i will be influenced,educated and reminded of some damn cool stuff i was into,it,s a time machine-but one i love-keep it UNIQUE-INDIVIDUAL-AND PIVOTAL.

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