The photography of Scott Pommier definitely strikes a deep, resounding chord with the rebel in me. Being a big fan of legendary photographers like– Danny Lyon, William Gedney, Allan Tannenbaum, and Robert Frank, rarely do I see modern day images that come close to capturing that same edgy feel of Americana.  The best term in my mind to describe Scott Pommier’s work– Modern Americana.  I’d also put the great Robert Yager in that category.

I asked Scott how he got started, and how he’d best describe his work–

“I started shooting photos of my friends skateboarding. All I wanted to do for the longest time was to take pictures like the ones that I saw in skateboarding magazines, and I learned to do just that. I shot for skateboarding magazines for about ten years, now people ask me what I shoot and I don’t quite know what to tell them.  I don’t feel like I’m an action sport photographer, a commercial photographer, a lifestyle photographer or a fashion photographer exactly, but a little bit of all of those things. Of the pictures that I’ve shot, the ones that I like best, fall in between some of those lines; an action photo that feels more like a fashion shot or portrait that borders on reportage. I spent years learning the skill of photography before I really figured out how I wanted to shoot and what I wanted to shoot. I take pictures of what I think is interesting and significant and beautiful.”

–Scott Pommier


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