It’s Friday, folks.  No heavy lifting.  Sit back while TSY rolls-out The Best of 1970’s Biker Roundup. Badass bikes built by real bros.  Slamming Bud in tin cans.  Braided ol’ ladies with an aversion to bras, bouncin’ on back, bracin’ the sissy bar.  Sucking SoCo from a skin.  Passing out shirtless in the tall grass as the bonfire fades into dawn.   Why, oh why did it have to end?  Because it was too rad to last…


Because he can.  And back then it might get ya’ a boob flash. In a Herculean effort to prove the 45 Magnum is a lightweight, Randy Smith hoists 203 pounds of machine off the ground, solo. The whole 45 magnum weighs only slightly more than a unit Sportster engine. 

The bodacious Roberta Pedon straddling a Harley Panhead chopper.  Think she knows how to ride?

Proudly have pics like this in the ol’ family album?  We may be kin.  via

Custom Arlen Ness badass digger

Badass 1970’s Digger doin’ it in the dirt.

Wanna have a good time?  Hide that fake leg.  If he uses the electric start… pussy.  One legged, albeit.

No sleep ’til Brooklyn, bro.

Old school Easyriders mag spread

Old school Easyriders mag spread.  If you can read this… the boy fell off.

1970s Triumph chopper action

Honey, show ’em yer… I’ll get in Easyriders.

Ewoks Angels.

Grizzly Adams Gone Wild

Biker Beard Fetish magazine Movember issue

Gettin’ Together for Good Times

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

Ed “Big Daddy” Roth

Julie on Chopped CHP Harley Shovelhead  via

Every day is like Sunday, bro…

Sick shot.  Gnarlitude

1970, Freshwater, CA– Rowdy Hell’s Angels camp raided by police –Image by © Bettmann/Corbis

Great tank,great look, great shot.  via Gnarlitude

Who said – No lookin’ back?

Iron Horsemen Motorcycle Club

1971, NY–  Hell’s Angels motorcycle gang gather to wish a final farewell to Jeffrey “Groover” Coffrey.

1971, New York– Hell’s Angels bikers pay a fond farewell to fellow member Jeffrey “Groover” Coffrey.

Y’all come on back real soon– we’ll keep an eye out for ya’.


  1. It was a FUN time!!!! (And you can read anything you want between the lines!) I`m VERY glad that someone took pictures, because it sure wasn`t me! (I was too busy living it!) PANS RULE! Ross

  2. i fondly remember hang’n with my parents and there friends with david allen coe on the turntable. while the men ponder over a shovel sitting in pieces on the dining room table and us kids running around sneaking peaks at easy rider mags.

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