I’m very pleased and proud to announce that THESELVEDGEYARD will now be a regular VINTAGE feature in GQ Italy.  TSY debuted in the March 2010 issue, selecting 10 timeless, real men of style– and we look forward to a long and prosperous partnership filled with lots of authentic goodness.

So friends– please brush-up on your Italian and follow along.



Marlon Brando relaxing at home with typewriter, and furry little friend.  –Image © Murray Garrett


James Dean on the set of “Giant” — Image by © Hulton Archive/Getty Images


Steve McQueen displaying his signature, perfect balance of allegiance and rebellion.


French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo on a Vespa.*

62 thoughts on “TSY x GQ ITALY

    • Thank Eli.

      I know I’m NOT the swiftest deer in the forest, or the sharpest knife in the drawer~ just lucky a few other people enjoy the TSY vibe. There’s a lid for every pot, a wise man once said. This has been a cool ride~ and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some great people through TSY, and reconnect with some cool folks from the past, like you. If the ride ever starts to suck~ I’m jumping off and starting over!


      • Your last sentence in so JP. My friend I believe the ride is just begining, like I said when we started 2010, this is your year.


  1. motorcycles-that’s what all these ‘made in rebel icons’ really have in common-

    heroes need motorcycles-more than motorcycles need heroes-p.j.o.f.

  2. Way to go Brother! Best thing to happen to GQ since a Jennifer Anniston cover. Maybe even better. Now let’s get GQ US on board with TSY! Congrats!

    • Jimmy~

      Thanks, brother. Hope all is well, and I feel like such a schmuck that we have yet to get together since you moved out to the East Coast. We have to fix that soon. I take responsibility for it~ no more excuses.


  3. I couldn’t be happier for you!! Tsy is one of my favorite blogs, you deserve all the best!
    Your articles are smooth and informative with a whole lotta classic style!
    I’m in Italian or English!! Right on!!!

  4. Congratulations! Would you post here those italian features? Would they be avaiable in the online edition of GQ?

    It can be a good opportunity to check how much italian I remember after some travels to that country.

    • Thanks, Padawan.

      I’m sure we’ll do some complementary English commentary and a few add’l pics here on the site.



  5. But this dosnt mean that the blog is left out?
    This is my favorite blog, about all my favorite things!

    Luck with Italians.
    pity I dont know the language,

    • No worries, THESELVEDGEYARD will definitely continue here on the internets.

      Thanks for the support and kind words,


  6. I have been following your blog for a while now and love your spot on commentary, and in many cases history lessons, at least for me. This is well deserved and I am glad that more people will be exposed to your wonderful writing.

  7. Bravo! Well deserved signore!
    I’m glad that more and more people will get to read your great articles.
    Hope this is just the beginning…

    Best wishes,

    • G,

      I hope you’re right and that this is just the beginning. Looking forward to many good things with GQ Italia.


  8. I have been following this amazing blog for the past two months now and tried to e-mail you (to no avail) when I happened upon an msn.com link to an Esquire article last week chronicling the 50 or 75 most stylish men of all time. It was as if they had been following your blog since day one, so at the very least now GQ Italy can give credit where credit is due.

    Thanks for all of the masterful articles and pics, especially all things Texas (re: Waylon, Willie, Buddy, Kris, Roky, Carroll, Longhorn BR), and keep up the good work. I know that you won’t disappoint.

    • Jimmy Smits???

      My email is listed under the “about” page, so sorry I haven’t rcv’d your emails, man. Thank you very much for the props, I am very excited to be working with GQ Italia.

      The Lone Star state is my 2nd home, and I too love all things Texas!

      Thanks for the support!



    • Mason,

      Newman definitely had incredible style that was recognized the world over. He, among many others, deserves a nod.


  9. This is amazing man. You deserve it! Sorry that you missed the show. let me know the next time you’re in the city and lets grab a bite to catch up!

  10. Congrats! you have an eye for a certain style that resonates with a lot of people, and although I don’t agree with all of your choices, I certainly appreciate the time, effort, and overall aesthetic you have going.

    Here’s wishing you even more success!

  11. Congratulations Brother! This is so well deserved. This blog has given me tons of inspiration and I’m stoked for you and your future expansion.

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