Jack Nicholson on a ’45 Flathead Harley Bobber (with Springer forks) in “Rebel Rousers”

This could very well be one of the coolest shots ever, from one of the absolute worst biker flicks ever made– Rebel Rousers. Shot in 1967, it actually had a pretty decent cast– Jack Nicholson, Bruce Dern, Diane Ladd (Dern’s wife), and Harry Dean Stanton. The film was shelved and then dusted-off in ’69, when Nicholson’s star power was boosted by the release of Easyrider, and all of a sudden Rebel Rousers seemed like a sure thing hit release. Trust me, just watch the trailer after the jump, and that’ll be all you’ll ever need to see of this flick. Jack Nicholson’s get-up and Harley are the only memorable bits– Nicholson looks like a 60’s psychedelic tribute to Lee Marvin’s iconic, misfit biker character Chino from The Wild One. Gotta love the stripes. They both also rode Harley Bobbers on screen– Nicholson on a ’45 HD Flathead for Rebel Rousers, and Lee Marvin tore it up on a ’49 or ’50 Flathead in The Wild One.



Bruce Dern and his custom BSA pre-unit twin from Rebel Rouser’s

Lee Marvin as the misfit a lot of us can identify with– Chino in “The Wild One”.  


  1. One of the first items released by LVC in the UK was a repro of the striped shirt worn by Lee Marvin, in the green & white of the Boozefighters MC.

    I wish they’d re-release it as mine is on the verge of falling apart.

  2. the striped pants remind me of a kapital pair with wider stripes. The kapital ones were a little too wwII camp for me…these are much better! great image.

  3. I love the fight scene – so did Lennon.

    Not sure Chino is the one to identify with. Trouble is the nihilists and the toothpickin’ wiseasses are now the townfolk running things, leaving us old spicers to defend the trophy we earned – the posers should go gleep their own.

    Biker Noir
    Mildred: What’re you rebelling against, Johnny?
    Johnny: Whaddya got?

  4. The fight scene is interesting in that they clearly used a stuntman for much of it, but he moves so awkwardly, and is so obviously not Brando, that surely Brando could have done it better himself.

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