Summertime Separation Anxiety | Living Without Boots

In all honesty, Summertime is not my favorite time of the year for several reasons.  

First off, extreme sun is not my friend.  I just wasn’t built for it.  I’m Irish (read: fair) with skin that burns like nobody’s business.  It ain’t pretty.  

Secondly, I prefer Winter dressing over Summer slacking– always have.  What can I say, I’m just not a shorts and flip-flops kinda guy.  

My lust is for layers of patinated denim, old worn-in oilcloth, chunky woolens, beaten & abused leather jackets, belts and boots.  So come Summertime, I hold on to wearing my favorite boots, jeans and jackets for as long as I can– before it’s just too darn hot.  I usually make it to July, then come back in September. What do I trade ’em in for?  Clarks suede desert Chukkas, what else?  Maybe a Chuck or Jack Purcell here and there on the down low.  Might even breakdown and get crazy with some sandal action on the side– when my guard is down and it’s just us chickens, that is.  

And in all seriousness guys– listen up, and never wear flip-flops or sandals on the job.  Your co-workers (especially the ladies) should never have to be exposed to the sight of your messed-up cheetoes.  Keep ’em under wraps, bro.  Please.      


An old worn-in pair of Chippewa Engineer boots and an arsenal of vintage Levi's 501s, with a helping of RRL thrown in for good measure.

An old worn-in pair of Chippewa Engineer boots and an arsenal of Levi's 501s and RRL denim thrown in for good measure. Had the Chippewa Engineers for about 10 yrs now-- you can't buy what can only come with time.



A well worn pair of old Ralph Lauren boots. A little saddle soap every few years is about all the attention they get or need. They're boots after all.

21 thoughts on “Summertime Separation Anxiety | Living Without Boots

  1. I second that!! Actually, I make up for the boots by wearing my collection of vintage
    plaid long sleeve shirts. I roll up the sleeve, pair them with my denim or a hand made gabardine ankle length skirt. Chunky silver cold wrapped silver bracelets, hair pulled back highlighting my chunky silver loop earings and high cheek bones.
    It’s the only way to get through the summer!

  2. I think you are right on the button. Summer sucks for wear my nicest stuff although I will never give into sandals unless I am at a cottage and seeing as how I ride motorcycles shorts don’t even come into the picture. Clarks Desert boots all year round though.

  3. in the summer my enginner boots get rested too and replaced with saddle shoes , brogues and loafers ….it’s a sad time though , i love those boots

  4. flip-flops only going to and coming back from swimming. I actually find them uncomfortable for long walks, I need more support. Canvas shoes for the rest of my casual wear.

  5. Dude, I so totally agree with you. I wear my cowboy/engineer boots, Pendelton and Woolrich plaids and checks and beat up jeans as long as I can get away with them too. Ditto on the wool flannels (much to the chagrin and embarrassment of my wife), who can’t understand why I wear them to prevent baking my tattoos.

    In the mid- summer (after I’ve completely driven her crazy with my reluctance to change ), I’ll switch it up with light denim, chambray , or light cotton l/s checked shirts with the sleeves rolled up. And the odd pair of flat-front khaki trousers and straw short-brimmed hat and the occasional s/s/ white tee for when I’m feeling brave. With a TON of high SPF sunscreen.

    I too just can’t ding on the flip-flop thing. This is sounding remarkably repetitive to the other posts, but I suspect we are all like-minded men (and women) in our sartorial choices.

  6. Sorry for the extra long post and addendum, but it HAS occasionally occurred and been pointed out to me by my gay friends that this fashion palette is also co-incidentally uber-Castro-street-macho man circa 1977.

    I respond by saying that they co-opted lumberjacks and bikers, to which they reply:
    ‘Yeah, GAY lumberjacks and Bikers…’
    But hey, whatever floats your boat, right?

    • I would tend to believe that our gay friends co-opted this look, not the other-way-round– but as you say, whatever. There are certainly gay lumberjacks and bikers too.


      • Agreed. And some of them the nicest, baddest-assed (in a tough way) fellas to ever walk in shoe/Vibram heels, too.

  7. Great post! My beloved Red Wings are still seeing sporadic use but now it’s mainly Keen Ventura canvas shoes or, gasp, flip flops. Sorry, everyone. Sidenote: the dark denim jeans are seeing their first summer. I have seen the light, and it’s dark (denim).

    • Just moved here from LA and still rock the long sleeves unrolled and loving it! PNW Rocks! But I see what you mean one day it is super hot the next the temp drops to a nice chill. I see why the grunge flannel thing came from here back in the day.

      Mr JP, good sir, I too must agree with what has been said in regards to the retched use of ‘Flip Flops’ on men at work. Man toes stay home!


  8. A man after my own heart, I much prefer autumn clothes. Right now it’s just choose a shirt that doesn’t show your sweat patches and wear some trainers or deck shoes, it doesn my head in. I live in London and have a real pet hate for men in 3/4 length army trouser/shorts coupled with flip flops, it just isn’t right.

  9. Just found this blog. Love the boots, feel the same way about summer (especially as i miss my schott cafe racer). Just wanted to ask, why steel toes?

    Also, very excited to see the new j. hilburn knit wear.

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