Dillard’s & The Missing CFO | No Answers to the Little Rock Mystery that Will Not Die


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I remember when this story broke well over a year ago– right from the start a lot of industry insiders were speculating about Dillard’s possible involvement in Glasgow’s sudden, strange and very timely disappearance.  There were just too many ducks in a row that would give reason to believe that Dillard’s would benefit greatly by having this guy out of the way.  There were ugly disputes and alleged threats that scared Glasgow into going as far as installing a wiretap on his phone… there was the letter (below) that Glasgow wrote to coach the new heir apparent (founder Clark’s son) on how to deal with Bill Dillard II, and hopefully straighten things out… then, poof– one dark and misty morning Glasgow’s gone.  

Here we are closing in on almost a year and a half later, and still no closer to having an answer as to what really happened on that early morning drive that ended on a remote mountainside with few clues and no scent trail to speak of.  I have no reason to believe that Dillard’s caused Glasgow any harm– but we’ll all rest easier, especially Glasgow’s loved ones, when there is finally closure to the mystery.


Above is the letter that John glasgow crafted, and provides an inside look at the dynamics behind the soured relationship between Dillard's and CDI.

Above is the letter that John Glasgow crafted to help William Clark try to make amends with DDS Chairman, Bill Dillard II. It provides a rare inside look at the tension and personal dynamics behind the soured relationship between Dillard's and CDI.


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3 thoughts on “Dillard’s & The Missing CFO | No Answers to the Little Rock Mystery that Will Not Die

  1. Reading the article again, it feels very biased against Dillard’s. I hope for the family’s sake that the mystery is solved soon and everyone can get on with their lives the best they can.

  2. Reading the Portfolio piece on Mr. Gasgow, I think I discovered a new extreme occupation. You want danger around every corner? You want a life of suspicion, intrigue, and paranoia? You want to experience a world where you can trust no one? Where the rules of the game flip without any warning, leaving you without a chair when the music stops? yeah? huh?

    Be a CFO.

    Even better? Be a clean CFO. With honesty and integrity. I hear guys who retired from the CIA after the end of the Cold War are getting accounting degrees in droves.

  3. Just saw this on a Dateline ID investigation this weekend – tragic and heart wrenching for the family of John Glasgow; makes me wonder though with a one hour lapse in arrival time to the park (facts shown in the special) – did he agree to meet someone somewhere else and they left his car at the park? Did someone meet him up there? Another woman? It’s just so traumatic to be left wondering for years – and then concluding that maybe he wasn’t who you thought he was after all? The mind is a funny thing and not knowing is definitely worse than knowing something.

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