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I keep pretty regular tabs on STYLE from Tokyo just to see what is going on with the everyday Japanese street scene.  Every so often you’ll see some pretty amazing interpretations of Americana & Ivy looks, with the added bonus of just crazy-arse fashionistos who let it all hang out.  The added ESL captions (which I’ll include unedited) are charming and at times priceless, and can usually coax a much appreciated grin to my face– even on the worst of days.  Heck, I know I couldn’t do any better translating to Japanese, so I give ’em credit and respect for putting it out there.  

Without further ado–

style from tokyo

at the exhibition...showroom MAGNUM

He’s designer of ‘HIROSHI TSUBOUCHI’.
So kindly gentleman,I really like him!

Thank you so much showroom MAGNUM.


style from tokyo

on the street ,harajyuku

Thay are student of collage of photograph.

I love this big smile!

style from tokyo


style from tokyo

on the street, Harajyuku.

style from tokyostyle from tokyo 

To say a truth, I’ve often come to this shop, to try to tell ‘Can I take pictures of you?’

To say a truth, I’ve often come to this shop, to try to tell ‘Can I take pictures of you?’ but I haven’t be able do it, cause sometimes I’m too shy to do it.

Oneday,I went to his shop again in time when he seems not to be so busy,
as I thonght, he didn’t(yes!!!).
so I encouraged myself to challenge him.

Unexpectedly,he willingly accepted it!
That’s the photo I shoot at this time.


style from tokyo


He’s Press of cosmic wonder light source, Jonathan Lee.


style from tokyo

at Paris Fashion Week

at Jardin des Tuilleries.


style from tokyo

on the street, Harajyuku

He’s owner of fine vintage shop,
TAROCK with ricco, in Harajyuku.


beams japan style from tokyo

at the show...THEATRE PRODUCTS

He’s directer of BEAMS RECORDS.


style from tokyo

on the street, Harajyuku

I really like his big smile.

He’s runnning vintage/select shop at Koenji.


style from tokyo



9 thoughts on “The Fashion Eye of the Rising Sun | STYLE from TOKYO

  1. interesting stuff. that black watch plaid blazer the first gentleman is wearing is so money. i want that.

    • Yeah, he looks great. The blazer/bright knit tie/denim/footwear combo is amazing. I have to say– I’m not a big fan of the point collar dress shirt in general. For me, it’s either b.d. or spread– but that’s just me. He’s certainly pulling it off here.

  2. I always admire but would not always emulate Japanese fashion.

    One thing that makes these people look good is that most of them are skinny. You can layer so many articles of clothing and still look thin.

    The top image of the long haired man, with the camera draped around his neck, standing next to his buddy, with the abbreviated sweater and mandarin cap, shows great style.

    I cannot imagine two, 220 pound American guys, at a college football tailgate party in NC, pulling off the same look.

  3. Hi JP;

    I am always fascinated with Tokyo trend and have been traveling there for trend research for the last 8 years. I adore the openness of the Japanese society that embraces any age group and any gender to dress creatively and individually. Besides having the privilege of being smaller built so they can carry most clothes with distinctive style, most of the Japanese youth are so fervent in expressing their creativity via the fashion language. Having been traveling to most of the fashion capitals in the world, Tokyo continues to fascinate me the most.


    • Hi Rose,

      The smaller Japanese build also allows them to wear more vintage apparel, which most times runs smaller– for which I am envious. Seems we have gotten too big for our vintage britches in pretty short time.


  4. I enjoy Japanese style and am specifically interested in fashion and body type. I’m 5 10 with a large back (chest 47) and a narrower waist (32). I find that I look like a large tree stump in most clothes and do better with fitted styles. However, with fitted I feel like its kinda of over the top machismo looking. Any suggestions?

  5. aaaaahhhhhhhh !!!!
    This is What we call fashion.
    No need to look good to yourself even.

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