Lilly Pulitzer | Pink & Green Palooza in PGA

Lilly Pulitzer visual and print teamLilly Pulitzer PGA Jose Cuadra

My good buddy Jose Cuadra was hard at work with Lilly’s very talented team of Print & Pattern designers– Jeff Mattia, Victoria Davis and Paige Smith, creating a stunning visual masterpiece for Lilly Pulitzer’s latest store opening in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.  Jose and I worked together when I headed-up visual for Lilly, and let me tell you– Jose is not only one of the most talented visual merchants in the business, he’s also one of the all-around greatest guys going (BFF).  At Lilly, the print department houses some of the best designers in the business– they are all truly artists that paint, sketch and create through heart & hand. They are not just click and drag CAD jockeys.  What this inspiring team of artistic talent created is truly incredible.  As Brad Bradbeer would say– “Go team!”  

Paige Smith Lilly Pulitzer PGALilly Pulitzer mural

Lilly PulitzerJose Cuadra Lilly Pulitzer visual

Lilly Pulitzer PGA Mural Palm Beach Gardens

The print teams hand painted tribute to Lilly Pulitzer’s own original quirky shop in the Palm Beach Vias.  What a great shot of Lilly at the height of her fame.  The pride of Palm Beach chic,  surrounded by what made her an American design icon–the printed poplin shift dress. 

Lilly Pulitzer Palm Beach shop

The super-fun and colorful Pantone/Pulitzer fitting room.

Victoria Davis Lilly Pulitzer print designerPaige Smith Lilly Pulitzer print designer

Victoria Davis Lilly PulitzerLilly Pulitzer Pantone fitting room

The iconic Lilly Pulitzer story is retold on the walls of this luscious Pink Paradise fitting room.

Pink Paradise Lilly Pulitzer fitting room

Lilly Pulitzer Jose CuadraLilly Pulitzer Pink Paradise

The Jungle fitting room inspired by Lilly Pulitzer’s own lush (and notoriously overgrown) backyard.

Lilly Pulitzer jungle Palm BeachLilly Pulitzer Jungle room

The one-of-a-kind Lilly Pulitzer powder room that all the Palm Beach Gardens’ girls will be talking about.

Lilly Pulitzer powder room

Jose Cuadra with the grand dame of Palm Beach style herself– the great Lilly Pulitzer.

Jose Cuadra Lilly Pulitzer

19 thoughts on “Lilly Pulitzer | Pink & Green Palooza in PGA

  1. Nice stuff. Lily’s stuff isn’t my or my wife’s taste, but I always give props to stores that know their own identity (and their customer’s tastes) and execute them well.

  2. JP – thanks for an awesome posting! I really appreciate the kind words. I miss working with you.
    See you soon…..

  3. I have to take my hat off to all involved. It looks amazing! The best interpretation of what a Lilly store should look and feel like. Change ’em all!!

  4. I am writing a book on the fashion industry and would love to get the artists featured here to do the illustrations for the book. Any idea of how to get in touch with them? It would be much appreciated.

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  8. Jose, the store looks awesome! You have such imagination. Thank you so much for giving us a glimpse of what the new store looks like. Great work LP team!

  9. Jose and I caught-up today– the store is on fire! The official grand opening is Saturday. They had a soft-opening and are burning up the register in Palm Beach. I’m sure the presentation and atmosphere that Jose and the team created are a large part of the success.



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