Your Mother Was Right | Smoking Really Does Stunt Your Growth

Zippy the chimp

OK, I really need to think happy thoughts right now and forget about that last story.  What a bummer.    So let’s bring in Zippy the chimp, a comedic favorite and smoking sensation of the 1950s.  He is cute, but whose idea was it to jam his feet into those little people shoes.  That can’t feel very good.  

Hey, you can’t train a chimp to smoke like that– he really likes it.  Look at him draw on that thing, pulling out everything last bit of flavor.  Chimp heaven on earth.  Fetch me a scotch, woman.     

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A Life Fit For Me | Moe The Chimpanzee

Moe the chimpanzee st. james Ladonna

Moe was certainly livin’ the life, judging by these photos.  When St. James Davis found little Moe in Africa and brought him home to West Covina, CA back in 1967, it meant a new life completely devoted to caring for the chimp.  St. James had signed-on with a merchant ship as a deckhand to see the world and also to escape the glares of the hometown folk that had turned against him for leaving Ladonna (who would eventually be his bride and soulmate) at the altar.  You see, St. James was afraid that a wife would get between him and his hot rods.  A race car driver and a mechanic by trade, married life just didn’t seem to couple well with his plans.  Ironically, it would be Moe that eventually brought him and Ladonna back together, and they lived the life of a happy, albeit quirky, family for many years.  

I only wish I could say that it ended well.  The LIFE photos are of happier times back in ’71.


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