mickey spillane

Classic shot of writer Mickey Spillane in Levi 501 jeans.


Sometimes it is as simple as that- a white tee and a well-worn pair of jeans.  Mickey Spillane isn’t trying too hard here– but sometimes we do.  Let the jeans do the heavy-lifting.  Keep them classic, but do be selective.  I love a great old pair of Levi 501s with that classic leg twist and a lived-in personalized patina that can only come from wearing them in yourself.  It’s all about making it your own– not buying it off the shelf.  We’ve all probably seen guys ruin this look by over-thinking, over-accessorizing, over-shooting, over-posturing– what have you. White tee, blue jeans, belt optional, classic watch recommended, personality required.

K I S S–  Keep it simple, stupid.  A mantra that still works with just about anything.  Like today– I was over-thinking what I would write.  Well, sometimes it just is what it is, and if you force it– it becomes contrived.  Today I feel like a white T and jeans.  I’m learning to listen everyday and go with the flow a little more.  When you’re obsessed with trying to control everything and everybody– you can leave a trail of brokenness and missed opportunity behind you.


mickey spillane

Mickey Spillane in a classic white crewneck tee, and a pair of Levi's 501 jeans.

mickey spillane

Writer Mickey Spillane in a pair of well-worn Levi Strauss 501 jeans.


15 thoughts on “WHITE TEE | BLUE JEANS

  1. very buddhist insight here. just let it flow and keep it simple. great insight again, jp, and i like how you can see the selvage denim stripe on the rolled up cuff of the jeans in the last picture.

  2. Sometimes a black fitted t-shirt replaces my white, but both are always a win-win when paired with my favorite relax-fit dark wash jeans. Even with nice sandals or Red Wings; casually comfortably, and by that I mean the attitude.

  3. Can someone recommend a good white t-shirt that isn’t see through when worn? If you can, I’ll definitely go with it. My current K.I.S.S. outfit is jeans and a black t-shirt to avoid the see through issue.

  4. That was a pretty heavy outro there JP.

    “When you’re obsessed with trying to control everything and everybody– you can leave a trail of brokenness behind you.”

    But yes, white T and jeans are great. I tried to wear the simple combo last week, but it’s not warm enough yet…jackets can through the simplicity off too quickly.

  5. HANES 5 PACK FROM TARGET. I do “overhauls” every few months and have a stockpile of car wash rags in the garage. Wearing one as I type. JP- you’re a star.

  6. Ryan- I know. It was a little heavy. Sometimes I wear it on my sleeve. I can be sappy like that.

    How about- Hee Haw! Love me some jeans!


  7. Nick, that 5 pack of Hanes is good. And you have to know when to call it quits with them, when to toss them into the rag bin. I took two Hanes white tees to Mexico last week and they just gave up. Moments into the day my friends said “uh, what’s with that?” Thinking back, I believe the two tees in question were, gulp, 12 months old! How they made the trip is beyond me, ha. Maybe I was trying to help relive the glory summer of 08?!

    They stayed in Tulum (a Tulum trash bin!).

  8. What I like is the way they are pulled up. We need so desperately to break away from the past (what has it been ten years?) of ass crack shows; low cut jeans.

  9. since I’m not a bit t-shirt wearer, my KISS outfit (going back to one of your previous posts) is a white oxford and jeans. But as you have all mentioned…make sure we know when to say when. Meaning, if it looks ecru, get rid of it!

  10. i very rarely wear white T’s being as i’m not as slim as i used to be so my KISS outfit would be Levi’s , Navy Sweatshirt (i live in scotland) and either Engineer boots, converse or saddle shoes

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