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vintage Rugby place kicker

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Lee Norwood and Antonio Ciongoli of the Rugby RL design team today, and got a sneak peek at the ’09 Holiday collection.  Lee is a great guy that I first got to know back in my Polo days, and now he’s leading the design charge at Rugby with a very capable group of young talent.  The product is very strong, and there’s an edginess that makes it more than just vintage collegiate/sportsman.  There are lots of cool, subtle details that the pictures just don’t do justice–

But those will have to wait until we are closer to the release date.  I don’t want to spoil the fun.  I hope to circle-back with Lee soon to get more insight into his philosophy on the Rugby brand, the design process, what it’s like working for Ralph, and menswear as a whole.


vintage rugby football team


vintage rugby football team



10 thoughts on “Rugby Ralph Lauren | What a Kicker

  1. I last saw Lee coming out of the Ethical College on a Sunday in April 2007.
    I’m sure this has absolutely nothing to do with this post.
    I always liked him. Great guy, all around great.

  2. a little jealous of your experience today. Sounds like fun. Rugby is truly one of my favorite brands and a unique experience. The product keeps getting better and better. Great job Lee and Team!

  3. Love Rugby. Can they my make it in a size that fits someone that is bigger than 6 foot ands 180 lbs?!?!?!?!

  4. I work in fashion and appreciate American style done correctly, but I find this highly hypocritical for Ralph Lauren designers to quote their influence from rugby’s past when the company as a whole has shown complete disregard for the sport.

    I too once was enamored with Polo and all things RL but after learning how blind their greed as a company was, I was completely turned off. Do you know where Ralph Lauren’s ‘Rugby’ brand started? It’s his dog’s name.

    How do I know this? My sister is an editor for a rugby publication and a damn good player and was alerted (a few years ago) that Ralph Lauren was in the process of copyrighting ‘Rugby’ (like he did ‘Polo”) and all legitimate rugby organizations that use Rugby in their names, uniforms, etc were infringing upon his copyright. Rugby clubs worldwide were floored by such a brazen move especially from someone who has no regard for the sport, its’ history, and all the players who actually have strong ties to the word ‘Rugby’.

    Say what you will about their execution of rugby-inspired clothing but to me that entire brand stands for nothing but thievery. And if you doubt my claims talk to anyone who grew up playing polo.

  5. Steve,
    Respectfully, the brand speaks for much more than the sport of rugby. The product speaks to a lifestyle and classic American Sportswear. Ralph didn’t name the brand after his dog. He named his dog after the brand. If you do your research, you will find that Rugby was a name tossed around for the brand the world knows today as POLO. With the new concept of RUGBY, the Ralph Lauren brand now has a POLO and a RUGBY. Thanks to Mr. Lauren, American style has a point of view. 4 years after the brand was started, RL does not own the name Rugby. They are over it, maybe the rugby world should be too.
    Totally a viable brand.

    • Hey! Thanks for a great blog, but I do have to take issue with this (now old) post regarding RL and Rugby.

      After reading your blog posts it seems that you respect what I like to call true-ism. True-ism I define by quality, and no pretentions. Allthough fashion without pretentions maybe doesn’t exit?

      Anyway, as a former rugby player, and fan of “truism” I have to laugh at this clothing line from RL. Rugby shirts are cool, really cool. Fake rugby shirts are a little pathetic. Plus, is this rugby, rowing, english public school, or what??? This is about as far from true one can get. But so was polo really.

      Again, great blog – but stay true!

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