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If you’re a fan of classic menswear style like I am, Properly Askew is a must.  Eloquently written by a guy who knows his stuff inside out, it’s chock-full of fascinating and insightful gems like– 

“Leading men of Hollywood and the silver screen have played a starring role in defining style and elegance in America and Europe through the decades… Cary Grant’s head size was immense.  Fred Astaire was the original thin man.  John Wayne was somewhat barrel-chested, even as a lad.  Elegant as they may have been, the physiques of these Hollywood icons were less than perfect, yet one would never know it from the way they looked in their clothes.”

apparel arts topcoat illustration 

Ralph graciously covers classic menswear icons, inspirations and history in a way that is both romantic and informative.  Give it a test drive, it might be just your speed.

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