Summer (Semi) Formal | Let Your Preppy Flag Fly!


There’s something really great about the fun and easy attitude displayed in these pics from 1953-54.  

A best of guys from days gone by, stylin’ summer formal looks with a very classic “go to hell” prepster vibe– as in, if you don’t like it GO TO HELL.  This look may have been part of trad conformity back then, but there is an air of rebellion and individuality, looking at it with today’s eyes, that makes it very appealing.  

I’ve always sort of snickered and the short & jacket look, but in this context I’m almost tempted to follow suit.  Almost.   


summer formal menswear bermuda short jacket

Pabst Blue Ribbon, baby.


menswear summer formal bermuda short jacket

The hosiery and footwear is a feast for the eyes.


bermuda short jacket menswear party

“Pat” comes through with the goods. 


menswear formal bermuda short dinner jacket party

Where are the girls?


P.J. Clarkes bermuda short menswear

P.J. Clarke’s Saloon NYC, 1953.


menswear bermuda shorts jacket

Bring it on.


bermuda shorts bow tie jacket menswear

Southern gent.


Bremuda shorts menswear fashion

Riding high on 5th Ave.

10 thoughts on “Summer (Semi) Formal | Let Your Preppy Flag Fly!

  1. Those in the know may recognize it’s West Indian(and therefore British) heritage…

  2. If I saw someone wearing this type of outfit today I would instantly think they shelled out for Thom Browne.

  3. Beautillion?

    Mater wept as we packed IV off up nawth to Groton for some sophisticated indoctrinatin’ and he ends up garmented like that and sippin’, sippin’, sherry at a “Beautillion”! Explains his intrest in “floral arts”.

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  5. Love the outfits. Long socks should definitely be worn with smart shorts especially with a shorts suit.

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