Survival of the Fittest, Not Necessarily the Strongest.


I got a note today from a designer friend that’s in the same boat as me– looking for the next gig.  Her words echo my sentiments exactly and are hard to improve upon–

how’s it going?

I’m still searching for “the needle in the haystack” while considering how to re-invent myself.

I think reinvention is the key thing, that and being able to take half the salary I had before,

these are new times and I’m not sure it’s just the strongest that will survive, maybe the most flexible?

the AIG thing makes me mad…..

A friend and I were discussing this movie (Network) the other day and how chillingly appropriate it is for now?

It’s not fashion, but…what is happening and when are we going to do something?

I’m thinking about the waste in our industry and what I can do with it.




4 thoughts on “Survival of the Fittest, Not Necessarily the Strongest.

  1. This is one of the best posts I have read all year! I posted something in regards to John Lennon and remaining optimistic. However the “Network” analogy hits the nail on the coffin. Thank you!

  2. JP
    I was watching The Handmaid’s Tale last night which was also eerily appropriate as – these are some dark times. And yet, there is hope and I give the internet and SM a lot of credit for helping people tap into one another’s energy in useful ways – so your friend is right – flexibility is KEY. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. “I’m thinking about the waste in our industry and what I can do with it.”

    I am not sure what she means by this, whether it is a reference to wasted human talent or perhaps she means how much fashion garbage is turned out. I will go with the latter sentiment.

    I was in Bloomingdales in Sherman Oaks, CA the other day, walking through the unpopulated men’s department.

    There is 10.5% unemployment in California, and there I was looking at racks of men’s blue jeans, priced at $325. There were also acres of t-shirts, too many thousands to count, which cost an average of $60-$150 a piece.

    If architecture can indicate some measure of a nation’s soul, such as the reflective narcissistic glass buildings of the 1970’s and the garish pink marble clad lobbies of the 1980’s, then I also believe clothing is a creation which tells ugly as well as beautiful tales of its times.

    What a waste of money, of resources, of design in all the crap that people have been producing and wearing in the last few years! So much decadence in these truly ugly blue jeans and anti-intellectual t-shirts with skulls, rock bands, poker and tattoo designs.

    Toxic assets of the sartorial type. They deserve to be destroyed for good.

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