Access to Excess and Moderation in All Things


Ralph Lauren

Things themselves are not bad– it’s the excessive desire or obsession for them that screws us up.  Chasing every trend and fashion moment steers us in the wrong direction.  And ultimately relationships and family strengthen us more than an arsenal of clothing, accessories, insert your trapping here.  At Ralph Lauren’s core is this message that “It is not a constant race for what is next, rather, an appreciation for what has come before.”  That and a healthy dose of faith, humility, integrity, love for others, and moderation in all things could be the recipe for a happy life.  I’m trying not to make life primarily about the acquisition of fine material things that define me, rather, defining myself now by the life I live and the love I give.  It’s been an uphill battle for me with lots of backsliding along the way.



Ralph Lauren


Ralph Lauren


Ralph and Ricky Lauren

9 thoughts on “Access to Excess and Moderation in All Things

  1. This is one of the best post’s I’ve read on a blog. This perspective is a virtue I try to live my life by, and I have to say that this post is resonating with me. Big time. Well done. I’ll be posting some love for you on my own blog later in the day, so keep any eye out.

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  3. Well put.

    Backsliding can be so easy when it comes time to denouncing the thrills of material goods.

    I think just being aware of what we consume, and why is a good first step.


  4. Very well said indeed….my code exactly. I felt so moved when I read this post.
    I believe that more and more of us will find this kind of balance as we move through this VALUE shift.
    I enjoy this blog, thank you for your contributions.

  5. Excellent. I know that I am in the midst of an “adjustment….correction….recalibration” based on several factors but especially the economy and how I’ve seen it evaporate the spirit of friends and clients. Even before this current “correction” I’ve focused on living a life of balance, even in the midst of things material. Your superb post is a great reminder.

  6. It is great to read a thoughtful post as the one above, when so many blogs just try to pump out one frivolous post after the next. Well said, indeed.

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