Guatemala Street Scenes Pt. II

Guatemala City cross

This is the door to a school/church that they have been painting the past few mornings.  The cross is outlined in simple masking tape– I am wondering as I make my way down there today if it will be more elaborate, or stay as is.  We walk by this everyday and it’s become a touchstone for me.


Guatemala City dump

The Guatemalan people of faith are not shy about displaying it– on their automobile, their home, wherever.



Most vehicles I’ve in seen Guatemala are banged-up to some degree.  Driving here is very interesting.  I wouldn’t want to try it.  Cause an accident and you could end up in jail.


Guatemalan mail slot

A gap in the mortar between cinder blocks serves as this home’s mail slot.



You scratch your head at how some of these homes are even standing.  On a wing and a prayer most likely.


Guatemala City


If you want to help the children that live in these hopeless conditions you can donate online–

 Potter’s House Association

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  1. great photos jp, i hope your having a blast. what kind of camera do you have? the photos look great, i really like the cross.

  2. I look forward to reading your daily posts about this humbling trip. Thank you for bringing us back to humanity. The photos are great, keep them coming.

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