Black & White

Guatemala is a place of absolutes and negotiables.  Like– men absolutely don’t wear shorts– it’s a latin cultural thing.  And for the negotiables– anything and everything is negotiable when it comes to goods and services.  Funny– in America it can be the other way around.  The price is the price (except for maybe in our current economic free fall) but our values are negotiable depending on which way the wind blows.

Guatemala soldiers

We stopped at a market and car show near the airport and snapped a few pics– seems that camo pants are fashionable here too.

white jeep




black white vw bug


vw bug


amc pacer



5 thoughts on “Black & White

  1. Camo is definitely in! That JEEP is great. My first thougth is the beauty of minimalism. Beautiful. Tell EJ he still looks cool in Guatemala.

  2. I was just in Guatemala last week. So many cool classic cars. Lots of very rare Japanese stuff, as well as some European cars. No American muscle though. I have a few photos at my blog

    Antigua is incredible. My younger brother described it as a “movie set”. He was right. The ruins of Spanish colonial architecture are a spectacular sight.

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