The stylish menswear team at Ralph Lauren has been getting a lot of press time on the blog scene lately. Feels almost like a guerilla P.R. campaign.

Jerry Lauren is a legend in menswear and if you know him, you’ve heard the following Jerry-isms–  “Regimentals for the gentiles” –pronounced regimentiles, as in regimental stripes & “The perfection is in the imperfection” –like the beauty and greatness of an old printed fabric is in the way that the screens are slightly off-register, giving it character and visual interest.   Today, designers will often engineer prints to look off-register for that old world, authentic flavor.  One of many tricks of the trade.

Jerry Lauren

J.L. via Mister Mort.  Can you name these other guys?





polo ralph lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren Blue Label design



Rugby concept design


doug ralph lauren

Vintage and Presentation maestro


I have to say– The Sartorialist’s “candid” shots are feeling more and more staged these days.  Right down to those paper coffee cups.  I’m a big fan of the site like everyone else, but would love to see a return to some of the earlier, more spontaneous, “on the street” vibe.

14 thoughts on “Polo-palooza

  1. I’ll sit this one out and let the others play. I’ve already been through this game. Staged or not, these guys are stylin’& do it better than most.

  2. agreed – sartorialist used to have a lot of interesting characters in not so obvious settings. of course people are going to look great when they’re fashion insiders outside of a runway show.

  3. Is it me or is the line between vintage inspired style and costumes beginning to blur? Love the post, and quite honestly, the shots. Just a thought.

  4. Succcess has spoiled the Sartorialist.

    Turns out, the rich and leisurely of Milan, Paris and New York are all looking quite fashionable in the “latest fads and trends”, as the Kinks once said. Shocking, who knew?

    I still have a peek every few days, and I get exactly what I expect, for the most part. It used to be inspiring when it was all about real life people on the street with amazing style. Now it’s practically a fashion tabloid.

  5. “The Sartorialist” would not be what it is without its online schmoozing of all the powers that be. His photos are well done, but the comments never veer off course to collide with anyone who is selling anything.

  6. JP,

    I know for a fact that Doug, Fiske, Charlie and John were just shot outside the RL show in the same way Scott shoots everyone: He sees someone he finds interesting,stops the person and they work on a shot together. I don’t know about Ryan (who btw doesn’t work for RRL anymore). This was not planned.

  7. However the shots came about isn’t it a joke that a guy is getting press for shooting people that get paid to look good, wear their companies clothes, and are standing outside their own fashion show? It’d be different if these dudes were standing on the corner of rivington and ludlow and were ironic. Scott did used to shoot beautiful women on the street and stylish old men in Milan and call out their unique details. Now? He just shoots the expected! Yours truly, yes man!

  8. Bottom line, vintage and presentation maestro kills it. Setting aside Scott’s image acquiring techniques, the image of the bearded legend needs an emphatic shout out. Thanks.

  9. The Sartorialist as a cool website is OVER. He wants to be a star. He wants to be famous. That’s OK, but now it’s just all about him sucking up to the fashion powers. The funny thing is when he shows photos of himself, pictures of a man desperately trying to look cool, he seems to have no sprezaturra. Rather than showing his readers an original sense of style, he often merely copies the style cues of his subjects which looks ridiculous (like the photo of gloves stuffed into his topcoat’s breast pocket) because he saw someone else do it in one of his previous photos. It looked so forced and contrived. BTW, Scott also has thin skin. When I’ve made a few comments in this direction he doesn’t allow them on his blog.

  10. I have been edited as well on the site as well. But then again, I have a tendency to blast people from time to time.


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