Red Carpet Rhetoric from the Peanut Gallery

I can’t believe I missed the Oscars this year. I pride myself on not watching a lot of television (like spending a ton of time on the internet is any better), but this I completely spaced. I thought Slumdog Millionaire was incredible, but I wasn’t expecting it to clean-up like it did.  Good for them– it was a pretty original flick, and rightly deserves all the awards and accolades.  

It’s always interesting to see what people are wearing, and in some cases–what’s wearing them.  All that money and every fashion designer at their fingertips– there is no excuse for not looking good.  Even still–


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Legend has it that sometime back in 1988, All Bikes proprietor, Ron Adler, pulled-up anchor in Tacoma, WA and headed for Rye, AZ with his massive collection of bikes, scooters, motorcycles and other wheeled-oddities packed into eight semi-trailers.  The rest is either history or misery- depending on who you talk to.  All Bikes has a reputation for being difficult, surly and well, eccentric.  Looking at the place, it shouldn’t surprise anyone at all.  You have to be a little different to make this your life’s work. And different is good, it just isn’t always “ready-for-prime-time.”  Good.  I prefer life a little salty.

all bikes

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