Shepard Fairey- Corporate Rebranding Tool.

I don’t have an issue with all the controversy surrounding Shepard Fairey these days– aside from his hypocrisy.  The guy is simply a commercial graphic artist out to make a name for himself.  In other words– a hired gun to assist corporations in promoting their brand’s goods and services.  What Shepard Fairey has done from day one is re-brand icons in his own image.  The fact that he is going after an Austin artist for appropriating one of his images for a parody does seem ironic and unfair though– seeing as how that’s how Fairey has lined his own pockets.  I guess he’s just protecting his own brand.  Let’s see if Fairey becomes the Nagel of our times.  Wait, that may not be a fair comparison– original Nagels are still appreciating and coveted for their artistic worth and cultural relevance.  Fairey may just end up as a parody of the Obama election and a bad fashion moment. 


Shepard Fairey’s retrospective at Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Arts is sponsored by Levi’s® Brand because, says Robert Cameron, vice president of marketing for the Levi’s® brand:

Levi’s® collaboration with Shepard Fairey is the perfect fit. As original as Levi’s® jeans, Fairey is a groundbreaking innovator who has fast become a cultural icon.

 To further the concept, Fairey and Levi’s® have renamedrebranded International Workers Day:

Fairey will be collaborating with Levi’s® on a limited edition piece that will be unveiled on May 1, also known as “501® Day.” 



Retrospective Image via Pipeline

Levi text via La Figa

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  1. wow, he is going after somebody for stealing his image. i hope this ins’t true. kinda ironic…

    great blog. just found you today…..


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