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It’s become pretty obvious through the search queue, that there are many among us looking for a way to repair our favorite jeans.  I know that I definitely have a couple pairs of vintage Levi 501s in need of some serious mending.   I have a few others that I can’t even wear for fear that with my next squat I may unleash a bountiful Sunday turkey dinner with all the fixins’.

Now, it goes without saying that not all of us are as skilled a craftsmen as Carl Chiara here, and it’s also possible that we want our rips repaired in a more discreet manner.  That being said– we need the assistance of a reputable and professional denim repair service. 


Denim Therapy will expertly repair your rips, tears and holes by reweaving them, not a simple patch job, but more like a restoration– to get you back in business and add reinforced protection against future blow-outs.  They take great care to carefully match to the original thread colors and overall do a very nice job.  

Hope this helps.

Oh, and please don’t over-wash your jeans, or they will fade quickly and turn very moderate (read: cheap) looking.  They will not develop any personal character or wear if you keep thowin’ them in the wash– let them age gracefully and take on a nice patina of their own.  If you must wash them, turn them inside-out and add a capful of vinegar to cold water.  No detergent, it’s too harsh on the indigo.  Keep them out of the dryer– the heat really dries and breaks-down the yarns.  And for cryin’ out loud–put down that grinder, you posuer– let nature take it’s course.

I literally have jeans that I have worn for years and never washed.  Eww?   Uh, no.  Just keep them aired out, and of course if something nasty gets on them– I take care of it.   That should go without saying.  And if you still think my jeans stink– Dude, what are you doing sniffin’ my jeans?

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7 thoughts on “Got Rips?

  1. i don’t know how i feel about this post.

    i’ve enjoyed the blog up until now.

    they’re just jeans. the same way you think you shouldn’t worry about your jeans so they can fade wonderfully, you really shouldn’t give a damn about the way you wash them.

    oh and, yes that is disgusting that you don’t wash your jeans. the dirt and grime build up is as bad for your jeans as anything you mentioned, if not more.

    if you don’t agree, take 45rpm’s word for it. when you send in a pair of your jeans for repairs at their stores, they’ll wash them for you. it helps.

  2. You don’t have to worry, I’m not wearing dirty, grimy jeans. I know it probably sounds worse than it is. I just don’t throw them in the wash every 2 seconds like most people. Ans yes, I do care about how I wash them, because it matters. For the record, they really don’t stink. I’m not into that.

  3. I’m actually surprised that Michael is the only one to comment. Yeah, some people who are into denim get a little crazy. I don’t wash my jeans unless I really have to. And if they are dirty, I do wash them, I just don’t want them to end up looking like some “soccer mom” blue-light specials. I’m not out rolling in pig slop either, so my jeans are not encrusted or dirty. That would be gross. They are perfectly fine, I’m a neat and hygienic kinda guy. Please don’t anyone get the wrong idea– I realize I probably laid it on a little thick.

  4. pet peeve is people that dont repair their jeans. esp if it looks suspiciously like a self-inflicted wound… no need to see your milkywhite pimpled thighs rippling through… and that is just the guys… unless the jeans are stratisferically expensive, get something, anything and repair them at least on the inside if you want to show off your threadbares. go this extreme if you have to great idea to have a repair service… is there a place like this for older western shirts too? (damn poppers keep failing…)

  5. Great article! I discovered the proper aging process on my own a number of years ago. The problem was, that after spending $200+ for some Levi’s LVC, I didn’t want them to shrink beyond wearing (believe me, without ever throwing in the dryer I have a pair that’s lost 2 – 3″ in the waist and 3″ in length). Anyhow, I noticed that by hand washing them sparingly, they started to get a much better patina and wear pattern than if I washed them in the washer after each wear.

  6. A great product to use is Woolite Black, I believe Cheer Dark is similar. They’re detergent specifically for black clothes so they don’t fade the indigo very much. I just got a $45 repair to reinforce the crotch and reattach the inside pockets that had busted, it easily extended my jeans life by 300+ wears. Crucial.

  7. shit… wish I had read this yesterday. Just did such a lame repair job on my amazing 501 Big E’s. And I’m with you on not washing! Never wash dark denim unless it’s a dire situation. Nobody wants to look like a soccer mom.

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