The Passenger


It’s been months now since I’ve flown anywhere, and I really miss it.  Like, bad.  Getting out of town– a break in the routine– taking care of business and firming relationships– seeing new people and places– cool restaurants and hotels– gone.


 As sick as it sounds, I even miss the whole airport grind.  It was so engrained into my routine– I could do it with my eyes closed.  Literally.  

Rolling outta bed at 3:30am– getting dressed in the dark– the bleary-eyed drive to the airport– parking in the same spot so I can easily find the car upon return– the security line shuffle with all the usual suspects– waiting for the newstand to open so I can get my morning papers and some gum– hovering at the gate trying to get an upgrade– scanning the landscape for potential terrorists I might need to take-out– hovering again, trying to get on the plane quickly– grabbing a blanket on the way to my window seat– hoping no one sits next to me– making sure I have a blank crossword puzzle in the airline magazine– say a little prayer, just to be safe, right before take off– gone.  


Now I find out there’s been a new bar at EWR since December and I have to find out on the internet– it’s like my airport’s been cheating on me.


The environment is cosmopolitan, with the international traveler in mind. It incorporates Dutch design icons with custom designed seating areas created to help relax and refresh travelers in their transit. Cabana seating offers a sense of privacy in a public space with the comfort of a luxurious leather sofa. Heineken green anodized aluminum tables, Wengé wood room dividers, and atmospheric lighting all contribute to the sophisticated Heineken Lounge experience.


“I am the passenger
And I ride and I ride
I ride through the citys backside
I see the stars come out of the sky”

Iggy Pop, The Passenger

3 thoughts on “The Passenger

  1. I got back into the swing of traveling by spending a week in Seattle in December (more snow, please, geez), Philly in January (more arctic blast, please), San Antonio in 2 weeks and then the white sands of Tulum in March.

    You do miss the airports and lost baggage and screaming babies when away for so long. I’m sure the breaking point of why I don’t fly all the time will come soon…..hopefully not until I get back from April’s adventure. I’m thinking Laguna Beach. May is Tahoe!

    Places to see and people to do.

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