The Old Man and the Sea


 Sea Captains have always been a symbol of stoic resolve and masculinity– as well as awesome mustaches & killer coats.  Photos– The Library of Congress archive.



Throughout history, mustaches have been worn by military men.  Generally, lower ranks wore smaller and less elaborate mustaches. 


As a man advanced in rank, his moustache would become thicker and bushier, until he was permitted to wear a full beard.



Mustache or moustache, they are both correct.  I’ll go with moustache from here on out.

3 thoughts on “The Old Man and the Sea

  1. That’s an impressive array of facial hair pictures. Did you know the term “sideburns” comes from American Civil War General Ambrose Burnside? He had the big shaggy pork chops style sideburns and people began calling them sideburns after Burnside.

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