Have House, Will Travel.


Seeing ACL’s story Cottage in a Day instantly brought my wife’s cousin to mind– Dee Williams.  Dee definitely moves to the beat of her own drum.  

From Time— A few years ago, Dee Williams, a toxic-waste inspector, put her 2,000-sq.-ft. bungalow in Portland, Ore., on the market and moved into an 84-sq.-ft. cabin on wheels that she built using salvaged cedar, torn-up jeans for insulation and solar cells for power. Then she hitched her tiny house to a biodiesel truck and drove to Olympia, Wash., where friends let her park in a grassy corner of their backyard. Although Williams, 43, admits that she misses having room for friends to spend the night, she says, “I love my tiny house.”

11tiny3-650If this sort of thing floats your bloat– check out Tumbleweed Tiny House Company— the undisputed experts in cramped quarters.


This definitely reduces one’s carbon footprint– but I would absolutely need a 2nd (and quite possibly even a 3rd) trailer to tow behind– just for my Fall wardrobe.  None of my denim went towards insulation, btw.


Dee Williams in TIME

Dee Williams in NYT

3 thoughts on “Have House, Will Travel.

  1. Dee is very industrious. I will never forget–

    1.) she made her own hand-carved kayak, that was incredible. I couldn’t believe the workmanship.

    2.) At her old house in Portland– Dee and her roommates cut a whole in the wall for a pair of french doors, and laid the section off wall down as a deck outside the doors.

    Always crafty.

  2. There’s just no-one like Dee. She’s a little powerhouse with big ideas and a mind-blowing sense of humor to boot! She makes going all-green look like a piece of cake. Thanks for the post.

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