Star Spangled Manor


To say that my friends, Eric Jones and his wife Cary are patriotic– is kind of like saying that Martha Stewart is anal.  It’s a major understatement.  I asked him how many antique American flags they own– he lost count at 220.  By now you probably noticed the vintage Goyard trunk resting casually under the table…



The antique yellow biplane was Eric’s 44th birthday present from Cary,  and has a six foot wingspan– and is now the living room showpiece.

I always feel like an idiot when I’m over– my mouth is wide open and  can’t stop pointing.  You feel like you’re standing in a museum of American history– because you are.  But it’s not a place to feel uptight or ceremonial.  Eric and Cary are warm and gracious hosts, and love to entertain and share their home with friends.  It’s a place to be comfortable and unwind more than anything else.


The framed photo of the pilot is Cary’s father.  The inscription just below reads “For God and Country.”  Eric’s father also served in the Air Force.  Patriotism, honor, and service above self, was a way of life growing up– not a motto.  To the left– “South Chatham Boys In Service”  is the kind of hand-painted sign one would have seen years ago to remember and honor local boys serving in the war.



If you ask the Jones’ what their favorite holiday is, they will tell you (without hesitation) that it’s the 4th of July.  To them, their home and Americana collection pays tribute to a time in this country when neighbors knew one another, kids played outside ’til their mothers called them in, and quality & values reigned.  It was a simpler (and better) life back then, with a different set of joys and hardships– and they would trade places in a New York second.



Eric and Cary have both always worked for classic American clothing brands.  Cary is a true-blue Polo Ralph Lauren executive– VP of Presentation for outlet stores.  Eric also worked for Ralph Lauren– as well as Oxxford, Hart Shaffner Marx, and now Robert Redd.  Their work and lifestyle are a perfect marriage, and reflect their true passion for American history, culture and design.  



In the master bedroom is a detailed, antique replica of the S.S. United States.  There is also an antique print (just above), and out of view is a dinner menu (circa 1940s) from the historic ship.  The S.S United states was the fastest ocean liner ever, and the largest passenger liner to be built in the USA.  With even more power installed than battleships of her day, this red, white and blue crowned super liner was indeed, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. If need be, she could be called on to serve the country as a troopship capable of top secret speeds delivering 14,000 troops per voyage, steaming non-stop up to 10,000 miles.  



Part of Cary’s fabulous collection of silver & turquoise jewelry and concho belts (some antique and some Ralph Lauren RRL) on an old Wolf dressmaker form.

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  1. Can I rent a room? What a tribute to our soldiers; past, present and those ahead. There must be a sense of pride coming home to this every night. Thanks for sharing.

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