Oh Glory!


I ask you– what is better than a shop that combines vintage bikes, service and supplies, and pairs it with selvedge denim and greaser-style gear? 


A walk through Glory reveals greaser-style jeans alongside Lewis Leather jackets and a lot of vintage memorabilia. About six years ago, Kell decided to bring more clothing into the shop. When Levi’s turned down his request to sell their reissues, he thought, “F*ck you-I’m gonna make my own!” Kell started his clothing company, Glory Utility, by buying tons of Levi’s original Big E Selvedge denim. “What’s a bigger ‘f*ck you’ than that?” he laughs. “I wanted everything U.S.-made by small, hands-on companies, and that’s how we still do it.” This kind of integrity permeates everything Kell does. “We have always run this thing on ethics and credibility,” he explains. “We’ve been here 10 years and we haven’t f*cked anybody yet. That’s just not our business practice-and I’ve reaped the ‘unbenefits’ of it!”


But Glory is not just another clothing company banking on the motorcycle cool factor. “We are a motorcycle company making clothing,” he says. “Our customers are motorcycle people.” In fact, Kell spends most of his time building bikes and is rarely in the retail store.  –I like this guy!


Speaking to Kell, you realize that vintage motorcycles are a big part of his life. “Glory was started because I have a passion for this. I’m doing what I’d be doing if I didn’t have to work for a living. I realize how lucky I am and I try to remember that every day.”


Glory Utility 55 Selvedge jeans are patterned after Levi’s 1955 Red Line 501’s, only modernized them with a lower rise and a less tapered leg so you can wear them with boots.


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