Domestic Transformer

I have always been drawn to small spaces.  As a kid I dreamt of being a lighthouse keeper– alone in my solitude with only a pipe, books, guitar, and the pounding waves.  When that didn’t happen, I longed for an old aluminum-clad Airstream– retro-fitted to match the aesthetic of my mind’s eye.  

With small spaces, an intimate life is thrust upon you.  You learn to pare down to the essentials, and become a master editor– selecting the best, leaving the rest.  Existence is more about enjoying what you have, rather than craving more.  Because at the end of the day– the things we possess end-up owning us.

You start to appreciate the freedom that exists in not putting your security in things, and start to value the beauty of good design, nature, and people.  Transformed, you once again see the forest for the trees.

Link to story in The NYT


2 thoughts on “Domestic Transformer

  1. Saw this piece last week in NYTimes. It sounds like an amazing apartment, being able to realign to 24 different layouts. I wish there had been video, because I still can’t figure out exactly how it works. Still, a great read.

    By the way, discovered your site last week and have been reading through all your posts. Great work.

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