Bamford & Sons- Fall 2009


Purple is certainly very regal & chic.  But, I don’t know what to say…  overall I am pretty underwhelmed with this entire collection.  Looks like someone has designer’s-block.  Very Ralph Lauren Purple Label– only gets you so far.  What is Bamford & Sons P.O.V.?


Bamford & Sons is very subtle and about luxury– in a very Brunello Cucinelli kind of way.   But one has to ask– what point of view is Bamford bringing?


Classic muted looks.


I’d like to have a better look at the denim.  The selvedge is looking a little off…



5 thoughts on “Bamford & Sons- Fall 2009

  1. a couple looks aren’t bad. I mean, I would be able to pull out my Ray-ban Aviators again. The selvedge looks off but so does the cut. maybe it’s just a bad photo. There are a few stand alone pieces pictured though.

  2. I think the selvedge looks off because it’s pinned to the mannequin. They may have also pressed it so the selvedge faced forward. Or not.

    The looks aren’t bad, but I agree there is nothing really that we haven’t seen before.

  3. No, Bamford certainly doesn’t have to worry about offending anyone. It is quality, tasty, luxury goods–but without a P.O.V.

    The white selvedge edge looks too wide, unless it isn’t really selvedge. But then, why would they make a point to show it off. Looks like someone wanted selvedge in the line for street cred, but somewhere down the line it got screwed up.

  4. the selvege is real, as is the quality. I own 10 pairs of bamford jeans and their cords are loro piano as is much of their cashmere sweats that I have bought.

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