Confederate Motor Company | The Art of Rebellion.

Meet the F131 Hellcat Combat.

I have big dreams of getting a bike.  It’s a dream that most likely won’t be realized.  I read an article that stated the average age of a guy that dies in a bike wreck is– well, let’s just say he’s my age.  I thought for sure it would be the kid you see screaming by at insane speeds in a t-shirt and sneakers.  Nope.  Try the slightly older guy who wants to prove he can still keep up.  He has the money to indulge, so he treats himself to something special and soon finds out that his ambition outweighs his ability– and he’s toast.  I thought that was too big a sign to ignore.  The man upstairs is trying to tell me something and I’d be stupid not to listen.  Too bad– I had my ass-less chaps all picked out.

Founded in 1991 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana by Matt Chambers, Confederate Motor Company set out to create machines utilizing a holistic, avant-garde process for celebrating the art of rebellion.  American rebellion is adopted as fundamental to the pursuit of personal empowerment.  They remain forever determined to challenge the establishmentarian view of what honest “new world” American industrial and mechanical design can be.

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