A Significant Historic, Economic & Cultural Moment for America.


President Obama, we welcome you with open arms and heavy hearts.  

The country is in a funk that many of us have never lived through before, and we’re in desperate need of a true hero to lead this great country.  

You’ve talked the talk, now you must walk the walk.

The now iconic image of Barack Obama by Shepard Fairey, has become a piece of American history in itself, that captures perhaps better than anything, how the passion of youth (and youthful spirt), people of all cultures, and the arts have embraced Barack and helped to overturn the old guard.


“Nothing can stand in the way of the power of millions of voices calling for change…”    –-Barack Obama

Link to Shepard Fairey


Animal Farm by Shepard Fairey

6 thoughts on “A Significant Historic, Economic & Cultural Moment for America.

  1. You could not have had Obama without Bush. There’s no way Obama would have been elected if he wasn’t running on the heels of such an unpopular president.
    Obama will offer no real change. He’s just representative of America’s decline into a multicultural sewer.

  2. Seriously– how can you hold multiculturalism against this great country? It’s what makes us great. I’m Irish, and we were once the scourge of America.

    Careful, your hood is showing, Jake.



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