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I had the pleasure of chatting with Sid Mashburn at the Warwick Haberdashery Show.  He stopped by to see the Robert Redd line and hung out for awhile.  

We all had a great conversation about the menswear industry and Obama’s potential to change how guys dress.  It was agreed that Bush always looked better knocking-around the ranch in jeans, than he did in a suit.  Obama on the other hand looks great in a suit, but not when he goes casual.  So potentially, Obama’s public image and personal style may influence men everywhere to dress better themselves.  Obama is our hope in more ways than one.   He could start a resurgence in better menswear– a welcome and much needed “yes we can.”  This would obviously also be a great shot in the arm for Hart Shaffner Marx– the venerable American tailored clothing brand that is Obama’s suit of choice.


Sid himself is a very tasty guy, not to mention charming and as unassuming as they come.  He has been a leader in design for the likes of Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, J. Crew and Land’s End.  

His own personal style comes across very straight forward and effective- 

  • Build a core assortment of iconic pieces.
  • Mix and contrast those pieces to your own taste.
  • Pay close attention to fit and finish– a good tailor is essential. 

It all sounds easy, but not as cookie-cutter as it sounds.  At the end of the day, style is very personal.  It should reflect your taste, looks and body type. Not someone else’s.  What works for someone you think is the epitome of cool, may not work or be right for at all.


Sid has a stunning men’s shop in Atlanta that carries an eclectic mix of what he defines as the pieces every guy should own.  Brands include– Levi’s, A.P.C., Brunello Cuccinelli, Kiton, Caruso, Sartorio, Edward Green, Jack Spade, Tretorn, Ray-Ban, Persol, Globe Trotter luggage, as well as his own label- Sid Mashburn.  It’s all set in a great environment, with a personable, professional staff, and in-house tailoring as one of many services available.


Link to Sid’s store in Atlanta

Link to Sid’s 15 essentials

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