Nike Selvedge Denim Sneaker


Spike sez-  “It’s the shoes.”  I have to agree.

This new high-top from Nike is pretty cool upon first look- selvedge denim and copper rivets.  The  2009 Terminator features 2 different denims on the upper with a navy leather toe cap and back heel.  A copper rivet can also be found on the back heel like the ones found on a pair of jeans.  I have to wonder if it is authentic selvedge denim, or stitching designed to look like selvedge.

Expected to be released Summer – Fall 2009.

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One thought on “Nike Selvedge Denim Sneaker

  1. When sports apparel companies like Nike start manufacturing selvage denim shoes, it’s an indicator that “denim” has simply become too popular (sad face).

    It’s akin to how bug record companies manufacture their own watered down versions of popular sub-cultures (disco, punk, hip hop, etc).

    This denim shoe is like a clueless pop record.

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