RRL on Melrose



I'll take it.


RRL- Better than porn, and none of the guilt.


fittin' rooms.

Thanks to Kitsune Noir for making my day.  

I was opening the East Hampton Lilly Pulitzer store at the same time that Rugby and RRL were opening there too.  It was total madness– in a good way.  There were other stores rushing to open in time for season– Tory Burch was opening a couple doors down.  Trucks were everywhere– contractors and painters were  jumping from job to job– getting pulled in all directions and making tons of money for sure.  

The town was swarming with Polo people and the whole main drag was buzzing with excitement.  I ran into great people that I know and worked with in the past.  I got a sneak peak at RRL and was so blown away, I almost threw up in my mouth, honestly.  It was amazing.  Ralph came quietly to visit the store before opening, and you would have thought he was the Dali Lama.  People get stone silent around him, he is a living legend.  There haven’t been many American designers with the presence and power that Ralph possesses.  

Michael from ACL posted these pictures back in June.   The memories of being there for store opening are forever etched in my mind and part of me.


















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  1. I love RRL. All of my good friends have worked for them at some point in their lives. I’m trying to keep a similar aesthetic in stock at my store. You might find some things you like.

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