1. As a kid I remember watching the movie based on his life. Three things I remember about him. 1) as a child he slept with a basketball. (this never helped my skills) 2) He developed his reflexes through a drill of having the basketball drop off of the back of his neck, at random time intervals, then he would clap his hands in front then catch the ball behind him. (discipline). 3) He shot from the hip. Which if any player did that today, he would not succeed to the level as “Pistol” Pete. Thanks for the memories.

  2. And-

    *He had to make 100 free throws every night before his dad would let him come in.

    *His dad would drive Pete around the neighborhood in the car with Pete dribbling the basketball out the car window.


  3. I am really after a pair of these, but does anyone notice the prices creeping up? Why is this?

  4. I agree the “Pistol” was one of the most provacative ballers ever to lace um up. I think you could put him, Julius, Walt Frazier, and Kareem in the category of 1970’s style icons whose influence was huge on the game but also on the world of fashion as well. I mean what started the old school sneaker craze but photo’s of Clyde rocking suede Puma’s from 1970.

    Anyone who actually saw these guys play, and I am fortunate to be among those that did, is lucky. I believe the word that comes to mind is flavor….

  5. If the information is still available in the old Converse archives, I would like to have a copy of the booklet issued by Converse, in which the all tournament selections were printed for ALL NCAA tournaments in the Country (all divisions) for the 1959-1960 basketball season. I am willing to pay any necessary costs. Thanks.

  6. pistol pete was great, but his game never survived the jump from college to pro the way he would have liked.

    i wouldn’t call him the original all star – what about bill russell or earl the pearl?

    a good old school basketball article though

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