James Dean in Denim | Safe Driving PSA

Actor James Dean clad in Western garb for his role, holding a coiled rope, on location for the movie "Giant."

James Dean on the set of George Stevens' "Giant".


James Dean and I share the same birthday, so I have always felt strangely close to him – kinda like a kindred spirit.  I have seen Dean’s movies countless times over the years, and his enigmatic charm and intensity are just as strong today.  I love watching the scenes in Rebel Without A Cause when the kids are rocking their rolled-up jeans.  Back then, the greaser’s pomade and cigarette ash would get rubbed into the jeans and create an incredible patina.  Oh, how I long for the days before contrived whiskering and washes.  

While still in character as Jett Rink filming George Stevens’ epic “Giant”, James Dean starred in this PSA that addresses safe driving.  Ironically at the end he adds– “Take it easy driving, the life you might save, might be mine”.



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  1. since i was a kid, maybe 13 years old, thats ive been a fan of james dean! just a a message to all the drivers out there, TAKE CARE ALWAYS WHEN YOU DRIVE! DON’T DRINK! DON’T TAKE DRUGS! TAKE ALL THE NECESSARY PRECAUTIONS ALL THE TIME!

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