The TSY store is now open, and is proud to carry: Iron & Resin, BillyKirk, Silver Piston, Norman Porter, Biltwell Inc., The Shop Rag Shirt by GodSpeedco, The Cafe Rocker, “The American” cutting board by Gowanus Furniture, photography by Scott G. Toepfer, art by Conrad Leach, curated vintage by America Designs of Lambertville, NJ, and of course our own TSY goods. It’s been a long time coming, and we are happy to finally show some photos from opening day. Come and visit us at 110 S. Main Street, New Hope, PA 18938.


Iconic 1957 Chevy hood – handpainted with “The Selvedge Yard logo by Jaime Cartagena.



We now have the 1952 BSA A10 Dragster originally built and raced by Mikey D’Antonio of Philly– it dominated the illegal drag scene, regularly beating bigger Vincents and Harleys. John Lawless was so generous to bring it down to live in the shop for a couple months, and Charlie Kowchak, who originally bought it from Mikey D. and owned it for over 50 yrs, came into the shop to share the rich history of the bike with me. He also owns the ’61 Harley XLCH that eventually beat Mikey D’s BSA, and we talked about having that in the TSY shop next! We definitely plan to have a heavy rotation of badass bikes in the TSY shop that you don’t see every day… And check out our new online shop featuring all our brands here.

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Samurai 15oz 10 Year Anniversary Jeans

Samurai 15oz 10 Year Jeans

The S0510XX uses 100% Texas cotton which is famous for being a “rough” cotton due to it’s high amount of short fibers.  Normally, the short fibers are removed to make a smoother fabric, but Samurai adds more short cotton fibers to make the yarn even rougher.  The result is a yarn that is highly uneven in size, making the woven fabric very “slubby” (irregular).  Moreover, while most jean manufacturers mix different cottons from various areas, Samurai uses only 100% Texas cotton in the S0510XX.  Even the thread is made of 100% Texas cotton.  This creates a jean that captures the essence and spirit of this tough Texas denim.


Like all Samurai jeans, the S0510XX uses 100% pure indigo with no fillers, using the maximum amount of indigo that the yarn can hold.  Weighing in at 15 ounces, Samurai also maximized the tension of the weave, so that after washing, the denim actually becomes even more stiff and the weave even tighter resulting in a jean with unprecedented “atari” (fading). 

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The Day-Glo House of Sprouse.

Marc Jacobs

Above– For Fall 2006, Marc Jacobs utilized Sprouse’s 1987 graffiti leopard images for handbags, shoes, and scarves for Louis Vuitton, which sold-out instantly.

The continuing celebration of Stephen Sprouse’s incredible art and fashion legacy hosted by Louis Vuitton, and launch of  the new The Stephen Sprouse Book by Rizzoli, has everyone a-glow.  

Sprouse’s career started in he late ’70s, when after working for Halston, he moved to a warehouse on the Bowery, and started making outfits for his neighbor, Debbie Harry to wear onstage.  The fashion world quickly embraced his innovative, culturally relevant sensibility and downtown edge.  But Sprouse’s inability to compromise his artistic vision for the rigid fashion business compromised his commercial success, and his career was ultimately cut short by his tragic death in 2004, at the age of 50.  

-From the synopsis of The Stephen Sprouse Book published by Rizzoli.

The Stephen Sprouse Book

Link to We Love Sprouse

Link to The Moment story



When did design get so trendy?  Seems like everyone I know now– even the garbage man, for cryin’ out loud— knows about Pantone.  The world is getting smaller every minute, people.  Anyhow– The Gap’s Patrick Robinson brings very wearable color, and a welcome fun, graphic punch into The Gap, with this cool– even if it isn’t quite original– Pantone partnership.

GAP Pantone

Link to Gap Pantone shop story from The Moment

Black Fleece on Bleecker.




It’s no coincidence or surprise at all, that the previous post on Mad Men got me thinking about Thom Browne…

There seems to be some activity over at the soon-to-be Black Fleece shop in the West Village.  Thom Browne & Brooks Bros. acquired the space some time back, and workers are finally on the scene– painting walls and cleaning up.  Let’s hope it opens soon.  Thom Browne has given rise to an army of well-dressed men in their shrunken suits & bare ankles- I’m just not sure the look is for everyone.  If I were a statuesque guy, I might feel like I was wearing my little brother’s suit.  Know your limitations guys.