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The Selvedge Yard is a website by Jon Patrick that celebrates cultural icons in the world of motorcycles, muscle cars, rock & roll, cinema, pin-up beauties, Kustom Kulture, Americana, photography, art, design, menswear, style, literature, and adventure.

Over 30 million TSY visitors and counting…

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1967 Shelby GT500 Super Snake

202 thoughts on “ABOUT TSY & NBWS

  1. I discovered this blog doing research on Bessie Stringfield for an article I am writing. This blog is the greatest. It’s refreshing to find a blog that “sees” cool the same way I do, keep the great content coming.
    Roger Van Winter

  2. I just came across your article on Lucien Carr and decided to check out the rest of your blog- great stuff! Have you read Kerouac and Burroughs’s novel, And the Hippos Were Boiled in their Tanks? Lucien Carr’s relationship with and eventual murder of David Kammerer are a major part of the plot. It wasn’t published until 2008, but it was written pre-Naked Lunch and On the Road. Super fun read.
    Anyhow, I look forward to seeing more of your blog.

  3. TSY is in my top three blogs. (That aren’t food related, sorry, it’s my ultimate first love.) Beautiful. Timeless. Important.

    Thank you.


  4. Sir, stumbled upon your blog while searching for some info on the Navy swiping Army’s mules before a pep rally in 91 or 92. Which my brother was a part of. Absolutely THE best bloig I’ve seen. Period!
    I’ve shaken hands with Townes, Worn Nudie’s suits, Played one of Waylon’s famous Tele’s and I sit behind one of Paul Bigsby’s fablous Steel Guitars everyday. (FWIW, Mr.Bigsby built Steel then Standard guitars before the famous tailpiece was developed. That part eventually slowed his guitar and steel production to fewer and fewer guitars by the late 50’s and early 60’s. If you’d like a Pro photo of his steels to add in the Crocker section I’d be pleased to provide a couple.
    From Sinatra to Tom Waits, Cars to Clothes. Spectacularly Hip!!!
    Thanks for making my day a whole lot better!
    mike black

  5. Just stumbled across your blog while in that haze of the last hour of work. Thanks man, you saved me from those 60 minutes of hell. Now I am hooked. Keep it up.

  6. Let me be the first person in 2012 to compliment you on this unique and interesting blog.

    I discovered it while researching vintage Bonneville Speedway information. Then – went on to find the Von Dutch story and now I’m hooked!

    Nice work JP.

  7. Hey JP!
    I just wanted to tell you how much I love your blog, I find myself wasting way too much time at work here. The epitome of cool, all the way around. Awesome work.

    I haven’t searched for it yet, but I wonder if there are eny entries about Burt Munro?

    I’m hooked and will continue to read. Thanks for your efforts.

  8. Magnificent assortment (and choices) of pictures, quotes, and fragments of iconography. A truly rewarding find. Keep up the fantastic work!

  9. As a rule, I have no use or love for anything from the ’70s and consider it to be the ugliest decade in America’s history. Thanks for posting such cool stuff that I’ll ignore my own rule.

  10. I had the pleasure of working JP’s Blackbird event..hence the beginning of my love for the coolness, the freshness, & the originality that is The Selvedge Yard. My only dissappointment is that I didn’t know about this kick ass blog sooner!

  11. Your website is Bitchin! I got to meet Duane Allman and the band when I was 16. My two older brothers had a band that opened for them in our home town, Charleston, S.C. The same month Hendrix passed beyond, I had just seen him that 4th of July at the 2nd Atlanta Pop Festival. I’m a photographer and love the collection you have here-but I didn’t see a photo Of Johnny Winter that I found-it’s not mine but I’ll share it with you if you’d like.

  12. Recently discovered your site. Anything that heavily features Steve McQueen works for me. I love anything that burns petrol, sixties, seventies and even some eightees rock, great clothes, and b & w photography. I may be sixty – but I still love life and all that comes with it.
    Thanks for this. dave

  13. Awesome blog – thanks for the fantastic trip down memory lane. It’s blogs like yours that help me keep the memory cobwebs in my brain firing for another day!

  14. Your “about” description of who you and what you’re about is the best I’ve ever read.
    I can never encapsulate myself and who I am like that. Damn!
    Simple clear and not overly wordy. I love your blog and imagery.

  15. Hi there

    Just wanted to say I’ve only just found this Blog and I love it already. There’s stuff on here I could spend hours reading about and probably will.

    Thank you

  16. Led Zep, Townes V, Cash, and Kim Wilson all in one place. Motorcycles, the right movies, photos, and way of thinking…all right here. One stop shopping. These many decades, I thought I was crazy. I’m home!

  17. I was guided to your blog by a simple Google search at 2 in the morning in a gridlock of insomnia for the size of Muhammad Ali’s fist. Almost 2 hours later and I’m still reading your blog. Your work is fantastic, sir.

  18. I love this blog. As a classic tattoo enthusiast and a student studying a B.A in creative brand communication i find your blog one of the most inspirational collections I’ve ever come across. I hope you don’t mind but i will be referring to it for inspiration from time to time. I thoroughly enjoy your appreciation for the classics , something I too appreciate. Keep it up, some really epic subject matter, not to mention the amazing style its been delivered in. Thank you from South Africa.

  19. I keep bumping into your blog! I’m 20, but I guess the vintage universe is just so damn attractive to me. Really great posts. Also checked out your NaturalBornWorldShakers page. Very impressed. I suppose I felt the need to write something out!
    It’s good to dwell in the past, especially when having fun doing it. There’s always something to learn from others’ experiences, no matter how twisted and raw that experience has been. The pictures alone tell a whole story. Great atmosphere you created.

  20. What a great blog – thank you. The Dali piece was incredible – no relation to Sid Selvedge of Mud Boy & Neutrons fame are you? If so I’m a fan – heck, I’m a fan anyway, inspiring words.

  21. Loving your blog! Takes me back for strolls down Memory Lane, and I’ve learned many things I didn’t know much about (my favorite part!). I love the fact you fix typo’s. If only everyone were so thoughtful;) So far, I’ve Liked you on both my FB pages, Subscribed, and recently Shared a few of your blogs there, yet I hardly know you, JP… so far so good. The pics and juicy stories are simply delicious… can’t wait to delve into the other tasty dishes you serve up. Looks like I’m going to be pretty busy playing catch-up. Si bon!

  22. I just kind of wondered about the name of your site ….. did you mean “selvedge” (like in sewing, it’s the bound edge of fabric) or did you mean “salvage”, like to save out of destruction or oblivion?

  23. Cool blog ! Love the old pics of a simpler time . Whenever I’m riding my vintage triumph I think of those times. Keep it up.

  24. Wow..this is just the sort of blog my eyes have been pining for.
    It’s that odd combination of what I remember masculinity to be; cool, suave, gritty, ballsy, sensual and living life to the fullest. I grew up loving men with moxie and bravado, style and conviction, humor and cockiness. Thank you, I consider you a true friend in the spirit of admiration.

  25. Badass site! I just found it looking up some info on selvedge denim. Totally love Steve McQueen and his style. I dig this site! Nice to find others with similar interests.

  26. AMAZING blog. This is exactly the my idea of cool – Old bikes, old cars, the 50s, 60s, 70s. The golden age when dudes were dudes and music had meaning

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