1. Nicely done JP. I don’t have a bike, but I need that helmet. Kudos to Details for finding the talent that is TSY.

  2. $750 for a fashion statement. Good luck in the protection department. That helmet speaks volumns for the person that wears it.

  3. Well said, David.

    A helmet for $750? My bike was $850. Not to mention if you ride frequently, the chin strap will fray quickly. My $120 Snell-approved HJCs only last about two years and are covered in scratches and bugs by then. And the giant, gaudy, $140 wallet? This should have instead been titled “3 Essential Pieces of Yuppie Biker gear”. It’s not surprising so many younger riders like me distance themselves from the ‘biker’ moniker, and image as well.

    You don’t need expensive gear to have fun and be well protected while riding. Unfortunately, motorcycles are more of a fashion accessory in this country, instead of a fun and economical mode of transportation.

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